Expectations moving further

Oh, how the mighty have fallen, and they have fallen fast. Within the first three games this season Florida State went from #3 to unranked. While a very few minority in the Seminole nation are not panicked by the three losses to top 20 teams, majority cannot press the reset button fast enough. With the adversity that the Seminoles have faced this season, it is not nearly enough to excuse a 1-3 start. Everything that was talked about, or expected from January of last year to the start of this season is gone. So while there is 0% chance of mid-season coaching fires, the question is what are the expectations now for this football team? There is not much left to accomplish for this team but to survive. So look below, and let us take a look at what the reasonable expectations are for this team currently.


National Championship = Nope
College Football Playoff = Gone
ACC Championship = Not a chance (No way Clemson and NCSU loses two conference games)
State Championship = Gone (In my opinion you have to sweep Miami and Florida for this to happen)
Major Bowl Game = Extremely unlikely (although last years team made the Orange Bowl at three losses)
Bowl Streak: Maybe, that means beating teams you should beat (Duke, Syracuse, Boston College and Delaware State), and somehow beating one of the two Florida or Louisville.

The most important expectation that needs to be met with certainty this season is extending the bowl appearance streak. Every FSU fan knows we lead the nation for the most current consecutive bowl appearances. Currently we sit at 35, with Virginia Tech being #2 at 24 years. Florida State football is the definition of consistency in all of college football. Obviously we are not where we need to be, but there is no reason to venture any further down. Let’s hope the players and coaches have enough pride to protect this bowl streak, as for me that is the only expectation I have left.