FSU puts the special in special teams

Like many FSU fans that were in the stadium with me, all hope was depleted before the last kickoff with the game at six seconds left. We all knew that all hope was lost, and that 1-3 was our fate. Yet there was a little kid next to me in ol’ section 37, north end zone, cheering his heart out still. This kid still had hope that our Noles could still win this game on one miraculous last play. The kid was maybe seven years old, and was hoping to see the modern Cal-Stanford comeback. As the last kickoff was about to begin, I noticed something that would crush hopes of victory before the last play even began…

On the last play you can see fifth year senior Nate Andrews, and backup returner DJ Matthews were both in this last play. Never mind it is your last chance, and you put Matthews in, who had not played a down all day. If you notice the two blue arrows, it will show you that both players wear #29. So even if the kid next to me dreams had come true, it still wouldn’t have counted. The management from the coaches that make six or more figures, had already lost the game before the kick.

Punt Return Woes

To say Tarvarus Mcfadden had a rough night was an understatement. Not only did he have trouble disguising his blitzes, being outplayed for the last touchdown, but also as a punt returner. On nine Miami punts, McFadden was only able to field four punts, making a return of only one for -4 yards. Florida State was really hurt on field position from not being able to field these punts. When your offense struggles as it is, losing field position makes it worse.

Punt Return Analytics

  • Nine Punts
  • Four Fielded (three for fair catches)
  • One went out of bounds
  • One Return for -4 yards
  • The four that bounced, downed by Miami players were a loss of -19,-11, -14, -1. For a total loss of 45 yards in field position.

Full Game Film

*Punt Return times that were not fielded listed below the video

First Miami Punt: 13:01
Second Miami Punt: 39:01
Third Miami Punt: 46:18
Fourth Miami Punt: 1:52:46