FSU Bowl Projections

If you notice the featured image below, it is a great foreshadowing for things that might be coming for this Florida Sate program. In 2006, the Seminoles had an awful season going 6-6, qualifying for the Emerald Bowl (which doesn’t exist anymore), and winning it to avoid the first losing season in a long time. Currently FSU is 1-3, and will struggle to get into a bowl game. The Florida State fan base have been spoiled somewhat the past 37 seasons making it to the post season, and past five seasons making it to major bowl games. This year FSU is definitely out of the running for a major bowl game, but ESPN has them projected to make a bowl game though.

ESPN’s Hale: Florida State vs. Tennessee in the Belk Bowl (Charlotte North Carolina)
ESPN’s Bonagura: Florida State vs. UCLA in the Sun Bowl (El Paso Texas)

As much as it sucks to go to a minor bowl game, keeping the bowl appearance streak is still important. If we were to play against Tennessee it would be a rematch from the 1998 national championship game. If we played UCLA in the Sun Bowl it would be a rematch of the …..gulp… 2006 Emerald Bowl. Regardless most Florida State fans will be thrilled at this point if FSU even makes a bowl game.