Notable Quotes from Jimbo Fisher’s Press Conference

Yesterday Jimbo Fisher had to face the media, with his back literally against the wall, in a situation he has never been in. He has never come into a weekly press conference at 1-3, and the feelings felt iffy for everyone in the room. The thing about college football press conferences, is that most reporters toss softball questions at the coach. Meaning they would like to come back for more press conferences, so they try not to push the coaches buttons too much. While some reporters played the easy route, there were others that pressed a little bit. Remember the quotes that you see, are things he probably has to say. There are no plans to fire anyone mid-season, so the head coach cannot berate any assistant if they want to win more games. So go ahead, look below at the notable quotes from Jimbo Fisher’s press conference.


On Charles Kelly


“I have extreme confidence in Charles, Charles is a great football coach” said Fisher. “He coached a very good game but they made a couple plays at the end. He’s done a really nice job. We will continue with Charles being our coordinator, we’ll go through this year and hopefully he can finish the year very strong.”


On Wide Receiver Keith Gavin


“pretty banged up.”


Adversity this season


“It’s part of life.” Don’t care about obstacles. Nobody cares about that.


His short preview of Duke


“They’re 4-2 for a reason.”