Ole Miss Jackson Jones switches from DB to WR

Photo provided by Jackson Jones.

In the off-season Jackson Jones moves from defensive back to wide receiver. He is looking to show out at the spring game this weekend on the Red team for the Ole Miss Rebels. We sat down with Jackson to chat about life at Ole Miss and much more.

1. How was the switch been going from DB to WR? Does being on the defensive side and switching to the other side give you any advantages?

I have always loved playing both DB and WR. I am very excited to be at WR because it has been a long time since it’s been my primary position. Playing DB has definitely impacted my game IQ on the offensive side. It’s much easier for me to read defensive schemes and understand how to attack the corner when lining up across from him.

2. What was your favorite football thing you did last season at Ole Miss?

By far the best experience were the home games. SEC is just a different environment, and having a full stadium surrounded by fans as amazing as ours was simply amazing. There game against LSU was definitely the highlight of my time here at Ole Miss.

3. What is your favorite spot on campus?

The new Manning center facility for our football team is the easy answer. It has everything you need and most of the players hangout there throughout the day.

4. What is your to go food joint in Oxford?

There’s this place in Oxford called “Pizza Shop.” The reason it’s my favorite is because it’s a NY pizza place which is rare to get down here in the south and it reminds me of home.

5. What are you looking forward to most this weekend in the Spring Game?

I’m looking forward to seeing how our offense can move the ball. We have a lot of talent on the field and with the coaching this offseason, and I’m excited to see how we can put it all together for the first time.

6. What’s your #1 goal you want to achieve before fall camp?

After switching to Wide Receiver, I’m trying to master my craft at this position. I want to use my speed to my advantage at this position as well as master my footwork and route running ability.

7. What was your favorite thing about the Peach Bowl activities?

The Peach Bowl was one of the greatest experiences I’ve had. The obvious highlight was winning the game, and how electric the atmosphere was. The Peach Bowl staff put on a great show and events for us throughout the whole week as well.

8. What’s your favorite non-football sporting event you have attended while at Ole Miss?

When I first got to Ole Miss, I attended the Morgan Wallen concert in our stadium. It was fun to see all the southern culture at my first country concert which I’m not used to. I definitely felt right at home very fast, and still loving it down here.

9. Are you still pursing a degree in business, if so what type of business do you want to go into?

I’m still studying business and I plan on taking my degree to work in the sports management field. If playing football ever ends, I’d love to keep working with football on the business and management side of the game.