The BIG HOSS at Ohio State

In an unexpected twist for Ohio State’s football lineup, Carson Hinzman, initially a surprising inclusion at the start of the 2023 season, found himself on the sidelines during the critical Cotton Bowl. Despite this, the young player’s ambition hasn’t waned as he aims to leverage his experiences from the past year to enhance his gameplay for the Buckeyes.

The Unexpected Rise
With Luke Wypler’s early departure for the NFL Draft, Ohio State’s offensive line was left with a considerable gap. Stepping in to fill this void was Hinzman, not just any player but a redshirt freshman struggling to maintain a playing weight on his tall frame. Contrary to expectations, Hinzman secured the center position, outperforming Victor Cutler, a seasoned transfer brought in for competition.

A Sudden Shift
After 12 games of persistent performance, Hinzman’s role saw an abrupt change. The decision to bench him in favor of Matt Jones during the Cotton Bowl was a team strategy, one that Hinzman accepted with grace. Despite the disappointment, his focus remains undeterred, committed to competing and improving in the coming year.

New Challenges Ahead
The competition heats as Seth McLaughlin enters the fray, transferring from Alabama with an impressive resume as a seasoned starter. The arrival of McLaughlin could have prompted Hinzman to seek opportunities elsewhere, but he chose to stay, embracing the challenge. This competition, he believes, has already spurred significant improvement in his game.

Physical and Mental Growth
Now pushing a healthier 298 pounds, Hinzman feels more robust and adept at maneuvering against the more formidable opposition. His growth isn’t just physical. The young center acknowledges the crucial role of the off-season training, guided by Justin Frye and the strength and conditioning team, in his development. This period of growth signifies more than just an increase in weight; it marks Hinzman’s evolving understanding and execution of power in his play.

Looking Ahead
The journey ahead for Hinzman is fraught with both opportunities and obstacles. With the presence of McLaughlin, the fight for the starting center position is far from over. Yet, Hinzman’s resilience and dedication to refining his craft hint at an athlete ready to rise above the challenges that lie ahead. As Ohio State prepares for another season, all eyes will be on Hinzman and his quest for redemption and excellence on the field.