Jacques Patrick is 6’3 235 lbs

This post is pretty self explanatory, with the title Jacques Patrick is 6’3 235 lbs. He is one of the biggest running backs, FSU has had a pleasure of seeing for a while. Against Miami this stallion only got 11 carries, but rushed for a whopping 91 yards. For the mathematicians out there that is 8.3 yards a carry. The first offensive play for Patrick was for 34 yards, right up the middle of the Hurricane defense. A little later in the game his second longest rush was for 30 yards, right up the A Gap. Over one third of Patrick’s yards came on two carries, but those two carries have something in common.

True I-Formation

In total, Jimbo Fisher only ran the ball from the true I-formation four times in the game. Jacques Patrick only got half the carries in the I-formation, while Cam Akers received the other half. We might not be the X and O genius that Jimbo Fisher is, but those two carries from the I-formation should have led him to give Patrick the ball more out of it. In FSU’s pro style offense it seems that some are not utilized correctly, or called often enough. If I would want something downhill in the I-formation, my 235 lb running back would be the one getting that call.

Let’s face it, there are times where Jacques Patrick gets outside run plays that do not fit his style. This season Patrick has been getting too many carries outside of the C Gap, and relying on him to make too many cuts. The play calling style needs to rely more on his down hill ability. With Duke, Syracuse, Boston College, and Delaware State still left on the schedule, it is time to bully some teams around in the I-Formation, that we are more physically gifted then.

Full Game
Times of Patrick’s I-Formation runs under the video

First I-Formation Run: 50 Second Mark
Second I-Formation Run: 14:26 Mark