FSU’s 2025 NFL Draft Preview

The Seminoles’ Prospects: A Glimpse into the Future

Florida State University stands on the brink of showcasing an impressive array of talent in the 2024 college football season, with a roster that carries the potential to surpass last year’s remarkable achievement of having ten players selected in the NFL Draft. Under the guidance of Coach Mike Norvell, the team is not just reloading; it’s primed to introduce the NFL to a new wave of star athletes in 2025.

Spotlight on Emerging Stars

Azareye’h Thomas is making a case for being the standout player on this season’s roster. At 6-foot-2 and weighing 194 pounds, Thomas’s combination of size, speed, and skill in coverage positions him as a prime candidate for the NFL. His development in physicality and confidence on the field has been noteworthy, making him a must-watch talent this year.

Then there’s Patrick Payton, whose physical attributes, including his impressive 6-foot-5 frame and long arms, make him a formidable presence as a pass rusher. With a record of 12 sacks over the past two seasons, Payton’s ability to disrupt the game has not gone unnoticed. The odds, quite literally, are in his favor, with betting circles already acknowledging his potential as a first-round pick.

The Ones to Watch

Darrell Jackson’s sheer size and agility stand out. Despite an absence from last season’s play due to transfer rules, Jackson’s potential is undeniable. His ability to enhance his game could see his draft stock rise significantly.

Joshua Farmer, stepping up to fill big shoes, showcases why FSU’s defensive line remains a launching pad for NFL talent. Farmer’s powerful play and agility have put him on the radar as a player with a bright future at the professional level.

Malik Benson, though lacking in extensive college-level experience, possesses the speed and mobility that could see him leapfrog into draft contention, provided he maximizes his showcase opportunities this year.

The Under-the-Radar Prospects

DJ Lundy’s evolution is something to keep an eye on. As he improves his coverage skills, his draft potential looks increasingly promising, proving that traditional build does not define modern NFL readiness.

Shyheim Brown, known for his energy and range, highlights the depth of talent within FSU’s roster. If he can refine his technique, particularly in tackling, he could emerge as a sought-after safety by NFL teams.

Darius Washington’s resilience and development, particularly after battling injuries, underline his potential. His experience, coupled with his performance, could transition well into the rigors of the NFL.

Looking Ahead

The path to the 2025 NFL Draft is lined with Seminoles poised to make an impact. Each player, from potential top picks to sleepers, carries the hallmark of FSU’s ability to hone NFL-ready talent. As they embark on the 2024 season, the spotlight shines brightly on these athletes, each showcasing the skills that make them candidates for the next level in their respective careers. The Seminoles are not just in a phase of rebuilding; they are reloading with talent that promises to keep them in the conversation among the top producers of NFL players in the years to come.