Identifying featured transfer players in the ACC for 2024

The upcoming 2024 college football season heralds significant changes for the ACC, with its expansion to 17 teams following the inclusion of California, Stanford, and SMU. This reshape brings a vibrant mix of strategy, especially in leveraging the transfer portal, a key component in college football’s evolving landscape. While teams like Florida State and Louisville have fortified their ranks with top-rated transfer classes aiming for championship glory, others have exercised more selective recruitment policies. Here’s a breakdown of impactful transfer portal entries across the conference, poised to leave their mark in the 2024 season.

Boston College: Jerand Bradley

Boston College might benefit from Jerand Bradley’s decision if he opts to stay after the coaching staff changes. His notable tenure at Texas Tech, marked by significant receiving yards and touchdowns, positions him as a potential leading target in the upcoming season.

Cal: Mikey Matthews

Cal’s offense is set to gain dynamism with Mikey Matthews, a versatile player proficient in kick and punt returns. His connection with a high-school teammate and a role complementing one of the nation’s standout running backs frames him as a player to watch.

Duke: Maalik Murphy

Maalik Murphy steps in to address Duke’s quarterback vacancy, bringing promise and potential with his remaining eligibility years. His performances at Texas underline his capability to lead and his crucial role in Duke’s offensive scheme.

Florida State: DJ Uiagalelei

Florida State welcomes DJ Uiagalelei, a seasoned quarterback whose extensive experience and touchdown record spotlight him as a significant addition. Alongside other high-profile transfers, he’s anticipated to spearhead the Seminoles’ offensive line.

Georgia Tech: EJ Lightsey

After a sidelined season, EJ Lightsey looks to Georgia Tech for a fresh start. His decorated high school career and untapped collegiate potential make him an intriguing prospect for the Yellow Jackets’ defense.

Louisville: Ja’Corey Brooks

Ja’Corey Brooks eyes an opportunity to shine in Louisville, drawing from his impactful tenure at Alabama. His integration into Louisville’s offense could mirror previous successful transfer stories.

Miami: Cameron Ward

Deciding against the NFL draft, Cameron Ward’s arrival in Miami elevates the Hurricanes’ quarterback position. His impressive stats herald a significant offensive boost and title aspirations for the team.

North Carolina: Jake Johnson

Tight End Jake Johnson could emerge as a critical asset for North Carolina, offering a reliable option and mismatch potential for the team’s new quarterback. His esteemed recruitment status underscores his expected impact.

NC State: Grayson McCall

Grayson McCall’s transfer could end the quarterback turmoil at NC State, introducing a player with a remarkable collegiate record and leadership qualities that could steer the team toward conference contention.

Pitt: Keye Thompson

Keye Thompson’s development into one of the MAC’s premier defensive talents bodes well for Pitt’s defense, striving to reclaim its robust form and NFL draft relevance.

SMU: Brashard Smith

SMU’s offensive scheme might prominently feature Brashard Smith, whose proven versatility and all-purpose yardage add a new dimension to their attack.

Stanford: Jaivion Green

Stanford’s selective portal strategy sees Jaivion Green as a potential defensive cornerstone, aiming to replicate his contributions during Washington’s notable run.

Syracuse: Fadil Diggs

Syracuse envisions a defensive revitalization with Fadil Diggs, whose recruitment signals heightened ambitions. Teaming up with a renowned defensive line coach, Diggs is positioned as a key figure in Syracuse’s defensive unit.

Virginia: Chris Tyree

Transitioning to wide receiver, Chris Tyree joins Virginia with an extensive track record of versatility and game-changing plays, set to challenge ACC defenses with his speed and playmaking ability.

Virginia Tech: Aeneas Peebles

Aeneas Peebles, moving from Duke, brings proven effectiveness to Virginia Tech’s defensive line, with his productivity per play standing out among the ACC’s top performers.

Wake Forest: Hank Bachmeier

Wake Forest aims to recover its quarterback stability with Hank Bachmeier, whose past success and experience present a chance to elevate the team’s overall performance.

The strategic utilization of the transfer portal underscores its significance in shaping team rosters and competitive dynamics within the ACC, setting the stage for an intriguing 2024 season.