Georgia Tech HC Brent Key breaks down spring so far

In a unique blending of football and construction metaphors, Georgia Tech’s head coach Brent Key shared insights into the building of his 2024 football team, drawing parallels to the upcoming construction of the new Fanning Center at Bobby Dodd Stadium. As his team scrimmaged, the site of the soon-to-be-demolished Edge Center served as a poignant backdrop for Key’s philosophy of team-building.

Constructing the Future
The link between the new athletic construction project and the 2024 Georgia Tech football team is more than just a metaphor for Coach Brent Key. It epitomizes the meticulous process of laying down a strong foundation, tearing down what doesn’t work, and rebuilding to achieve perfection. This iterative process, Key believes, is essential for both constructing state-of-the-art facilities and a winning football program.</p>

A Foundations of Change
Coach Key’s approach emphasizes the necessity of sometimes starting afresh to ensure every component fits perfectly, mirroring the precision required in building architecture. This philosophy was evident during Saturday’s scrimmage, part of the team’s extensive spring workout schedule. The session marked the seventh of such workouts, all leading to the eagerly anticipated spring game on April 13.

Spring Forward
The path to the spring game is tightly packed, with the team taking a brief pause on Sunday before getting back to the grindstone with practices set for Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday of the following week. Each practice, each scrimmage is a brick in the foundation of the 2024 squad, each player a gear in the greater machinery of the team.

A Team in the Making
Beyond the physical construction at the northeast corner of the stadium, Brent Key is focused on a more symbolic build. As the old Edge Center makes way for the new Fanning Center, so too does the Georgia Tech football team undergo its transformation. Through drills, plays, and strategy sessions, the blueprint of a revitalized team is coming together under Key’s guidance.

With an innovative approach to team building and an eye towards the future, Georgia Tech’s football program under Coach Brent Key is undergoing a promising reconstruction. As the physical landscape of Bobby Dodd Stadium evolves, so does the ethos and strategy of its resident team, promising exciting times ahead for Yellow Jackets football.