Georgia Tech lands a Penn State Transfer

Returning to Atlanta

Jordan van den Berg, the former Gwinnett County football star and defensive tackle, is set to make a major move back to Atlanta, opting to continue his college career with Georgia Tech. Standing tall at 6-foot-3 and weighing 310 pounds, van den Berg’s decision comes after his tenure with Penn State, where he contributed significantly over three seasons. Through social media, the player announced his intention to transfer, marking a new chapter in his impressive football journey.

A Stellar Path

Before declaring his move, van den Berg made a name for himself at Penn State. Notably, he was placed on the Senior Bowl watch list in 2023, an acknowledgment of his burgeoning talent on the field. His stats speak volumes with 11 tackles in 11 games and a fumble recovery, showcasing his defensive prowess during his time with the Nittany Lions. The 2022 season saw him participating in 13 games, further solidifying his position as a key player after redshirting in 2021.

From South Africa to the States

Van den Berg’s journey to American football is a compelling tale. Originally from South Africa, he first set his mark at Iowa Western Community College, claiming the spot as a junior college first-team All-American. His high school years at Providence Christian were just as illustrious, where he served as team captain twice, earned the team MVP title also twice, and was recognized as an all-state first-team linebacker during the 2019 season.

Future Prospects

With his transfer to Georgia Tech, van den Berg brings with him not just experience and skill, but also the promise of leadership and dedication that he’s demonstrated throughout his career. As he prepares to take on new challenges in the ACC, fans and teammates alike are eager to see the impact he will make on the field for the Yellow Jackets in the upcoming seasons.