Primetime Potential: NBC’s Game-Changing Shift Towards Army vs. Notre Dame

Last season’s thrilling matchup between Ohio State and Notre Dame not only captivated college football fans but also set viewership records for NBC. This feat is particularly notable given Notre Dame’s long stretch without a major bowl victory. Despite this, their brand remains undeniably strong. This season, there’s a new opportunity on the horizon that could shift the primetime spotlight towards another storied rivalry: Army vs. Notre Dame.

The Big Ten’s Stance and Primetime Opportunities
With the Big Ten’s reluctance to host night games in November, NBC finds itself in a position to spotlight other significant match-ups. This situation was highlighted last year when logistical complications pushed lesser-known teams into prime slots. Now, with the 2024 Army-Notre Dame game set to commemorate the centennial of the iconic Four Horsemen prose, there’s a chance for NBC to capitalize on this historic rivalry in primetime.

Shamrock Series and Viewing Figures
Notre Dame’s Shamrock Series has mostly seen evening kickoffs, drawing considerable audiences, especially when involving high-profile teams. However, the 2010 matchup against Army still managed impressive viewership, suggesting that an Army-Notre Dame game, despite Army’s Group of Five status, could draw a large primetime audience.

NBC’s Use of Nostalgia
Understanding the value of nostalgia, NBC has previously leveraged anniversaries and historical moments to enhance its broadcasts. With the 100th anniversary of the Four Horsemen on the horizon, there’s a significant opportunity for NBC to use this narrative to elevate the Army-Notre Dame game’s appeal, potentially securing it a coveted primetime slot.

The Impact of a Primetime Slot
Primetime exposure is rare for Group of Five programs, making the potential for Army to face Notre Dame in such a slot a significant opportunity. Historical matchups and unexpected victories have left lasting impressions on college football’s landscape. An Army upset over Notre Dame in primetime could serve as a monumental moment for the program, showcasing their resurgence on one of the sport’s biggest stages.

The Quest for Redemption
Army’s pursuit of its first win against Notre Dame since 1958 is filled with the drama of long-standing rivalries. With NBC potentially offering the 2024 game a primetime slot, the stage is set for an epic showdown. A victory would not only break a decades-long losing streak but also cement Army’s place in Notre Dame lore as one of the few teams to upset the Irish in a Shamrock Series game.

An Opportunity for Army
As Army prepares to join the American Athletic Conference, securing a primetime spot against Notre Dame would highlight the program’s upward trajectory. Fans and alumni alike are hopeful that NBC will recognize the significance of this opportunity, providing the Black Knights with a chance to shine under the bright lights of primetime television.

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