Patrick Mahomes’ Dad Reveals Wild Side of Kelce

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ father recently revealed some interesting details about his son’s teammate, Travis Kelce. According to Pat Mahomes Sr., Travis Kelce is known to be the wilder brother compared to Jason Kelce. During a recent game, Pat Sr. witnessed Travis’ shirtless antics and even bumped into Jason in the bathroom. Pat Sr. also mentioned that Travis is like another son to him, highlighting the close relationship between the two families.

Despite their differences, the Kelce brothers are both known for their lively personalities. Pat Sr. jokingly stated that if people think Jason is wild, they should see Travis in action. This playful comment gives us a glimpse into the dynamic nature of the team.

Looking ahead, Pat Sr. shared that he will be attending the AFC Championships to support his son. However, he humorously dismissed the idea of sitting with Travis’ girlfriend, Taylor Swift, in her box. He mentioned that both Patrick and Travis have their own separate arrangements for the game.

While Taylor Swift’s attendance at the AFC Championship is yet to be confirmed, Jason’s wife, Kylie, expressed her and her husband’s intention to cheer on Patrick Mahomes in Baltimore. It’s an important game for Travis and the Chiefs, as the winner will advance to the Super Bowl.

Despite his playful comments regarding sitting with Taylor Swift, Pat Sr. only had positive things to say about the singer. Describing her as down to earth and genuine, he highlighted his pleasant interactions with her during their previous meetings.

These behind-the-scenes glimpses into the personal lives and relationships of these NFL players provide fans with a deeper understanding of the team dynamics and the unique bond they share. As the Chiefs prepare for their upcoming game, fans can look forward to witnessing the energy and passion that both the Mahomes and the Kelce families bring to the field.