Highly Sought-After Running Back Considers Auburn in Recruiting Process

When Derrick Nix joined Auburn’s coaching staff, he immediately knew who their top priority was: Alvin Henderson. Nix wasted no time, calling Henderson at 7 a.m. the next morning. Alongside head coach Hugh Freeze and co-defensive coordinator Charles Kelly, Nix made the trip to Elba, Alabama to meet with the highly sought-after running back.

Henderson, ranked as the No. 25 player in the nation, regardless of position, has garnered attention from top programs for years. However, with coaching staff changes at various schools, including Auburn, he had to navigate through some uncertainty. The resignation of his primary recruiter, Carnell Williams, initially shocked Henderson. But after speaking with Freeze, Nix, and Kelly, he realized that his interest in Auburn remained.

While the departure of Williams was a setback, Henderson’s relationship with Kelly played a significant role in his decision-making process. Kelly had been recruiting Henderson since his days in middle school, even securing him an offer from Alabama. Now at Auburn, Kelly expressed his commitment to coaching Henderson and potentially retiring at the university, knowing he had invested years into recruiting him.

Nix also made a strong impression on Henderson. Through phone conversations and an in-person meeting with Henderson and his mother, Nix assured him that he could make the same impact as Williams would have. Henderson felt confident in Nix’s ability to guide him and help him grow as a player.

As for his decision timeline, Henderson ideally wants to announce his commitment sometime in March. However, he still plans to visit other programs before the end of the dead period on February 5th. Additionally, he hopes to tour more schools in the spring before reaching a final decision. Henderson values giving every school a fair chance and wants to ensure that the coaches who have invested in him feel that he gave them a proper opportunity.

Henderson, the No. 2 running back in the country and the fourth-ranked player in the state of Alabama, remains a highly coveted prospect. With his skill set and potential impact on the field, it’s no wonder that Auburn and other top programs are eager to secure his commitment. It will be interesting to see where Henderson ultimately decides to take his talents, as he continues to navigate through the recruiting process.