Five Questions for Michigan Football

Everyone knew that Sherrone Moore would be the next head coach for the Michigan Wolverines. It was no surprise when the announcement came less than 48 hours after Jim Harbaugh’s departure. Moore has already proven himself as acting head coach, going 4-0 and leading the team to wins over Penn State and Ohio State. With Moore taking over the reins, there are several questions that need to be answered about the future of the program.

The first question is whether Moore will be able to keep the current staff intact. Many members of the staff expressed their support for Moore on social media, which bodes well for team continuity. Moore has also stated that he wants to retain Ben Herbert, the team’s strength and conditioning coach, and this could be a top priority. However, Moore will also need to hire a linebackers coach and possibly a defensive coordinator, as rumors swirl that Jesse Minter may be joining Harbaugh with the Chargers.

Another question is whether the success of the 2023 season was due to the team or Moore’s coaching. As a first-time head coach, Moore will be leading a team that looks significantly different from the championship-winning squad. Without the same level of talent and leadership, it remains to be seen how this team will respond to adversity. Moore will need to maintain the strong culture and mentality that the team had last season.

Recruiting is another area of concern for Moore. While he has been a successful recruiter in the past, he is not Jim Harbaugh. Harbaugh’s track record of producing NFL talent and his strong stance on player compensation made him an attractive option for recruits. Moore will need to prove himself in this area and show that he can continue to bring top talent to Ann Arbor.

Developing a quarterback will also be crucial for Moore. Harbaugh had a successful track record in this area, with players like Cade McNamara and J.J. McCarthy becoming stars under his tutelage. Moore wants to play smash-mouth football, but he will need to ensure that the quarterback position remains a strong point for the team.

One area where Moore seems to be ahead of Harbaugh is in embracing the changing landscape of college football, particularly in regard to name, image, and likeness (NIL) rights. Moore has already expressed his support for NIL and has indicated that he wants to emphasize this aspect of the program. This could help Michigan keep up with other programs that may be offering financial incentives to top recruits.

Overall, there are high expectations for Moore as he takes over the head coaching role at Michigan. He will need to navigate the challenges of retaining staff, recruiting top talent, developing quarterbacks, and embracing the evolving landscape of college football. If he can succeed in these areas, there is no reason why the Wolverines can’t continue their impressive run.