Kansas State invests nearly $1 million increase in football staff compensation after winning Big 12 championship

Kansas State is investing in its football program after regaining the Big 12 championship in 2022. Head coach Chris Klieman’s coaching staff will see a nearly $1 million increase in total compensation from last year. The two coordinators, Collin Klein and Joe Klanderman, will make history as the highest-paid assistants at K-State. The former will receive $825,000 per year under his new two-year deal, a significant bump from his previous salary of $600,000. Klein interviewed for Notre Dame’s offensive coordinator job but decided to stay in Kansas because he feels God still has work for him to do.

Offensive line coach and run game coordinator Conor Riley will earn $600,000 annually, becoming the highest-paid position coach. Vice Malone, the assistant head coach, passing game coordinator, and cornerbacks coach, will make $410,000 per year. The remaining position coaches will earn between $283,000 and $400,000 per year, reflecting a salary increase after the Wildcats won the Big 12 championship.

K-State’s investment in the football program extends beyond staff compensation. Gene Taylor, the athletics director, said Klieman is due for a new contract, although it’s not clear how much the new deal will be worth. Klieman earned $3.5 million in 2022, and his team’s record stands at 30-20 during his four-year stint.

Kansas State’s enormous spending spree showcases how much power Klieman has in his position and the athletics program. Klieman will decide how to allocate the funds, but it’s expected that the money will go towards recruiting and staff development to keep top-tier coaches and players in Manhattan. The Wildcats established themselves as a Big 12 powerhouse last season, and the latest investment in the program shows that they’re willing to continue to push themselves to new heights.