Iowa Hawkeyes’ Surprising Choice for New Offensive Coordinator

Kirk Ferentz has made a surprising choice for the new offensive coordinator position at Iowa. Instead of bringing in someone like Kevin Johns from Duke, who could have potentially modernized Iowa’s offense, Ferentz has opted for former Western Michigan head coach Tim Lester. Lester spent last season as an offensive analyst with the Green Bay Packers before being offered the job at Iowa. This move comes after Ferentz was forced to fire his own son, Brian, who was serving as the offensive coordinator. While some may see this as a spiteful hire, it remains to be seen if Lester can improve Iowa’s offense.

Lester is best known for being P.J. Fleck’s successor at Western Michigan. He took over after Fleck led the Broncos to a Group of Five championship before departing for Minnesota. However, Lester was let go after the 2022 season and replaced by Lance Taylor. This hiring might not be inspiring to some, but it does give Iowa a chance to improve their offense now that Brian Ferentz is no longer in charge.

Sources have confirmed that Iowa is expected to hire Tim Lester as offensive coordinator. Lester was originally set to take the job at Troy but will now join the Hawkeyes instead. The decision was not made lightly, as Iowa reportedly also strongly considered former Duke offensive coordinator Kevin Johns for the position.

The good news for Iowa fans is that they can still expect a strong defense under defensive coordinator Phil Parker, and LeVar Woods will continue to lead a top-notch special teams unit. The focus now shifts to the offense, where Lester will have the opportunity to make a significant impact. Iowa’s offense has long been criticized for being outdated and ineffective, but perhaps Lester can change that.

It’s interesting to see how college football can captivate fans, even with teams that may not be considered traditional powerhouses. The Iowa Hawkeyes have consistently found success despite their antiquated offense. Regardless of which team you support, there is something intriguing about watching a team like Iowa, and it’s why college football is such a beloved sport.

Overall, Lester has landed a great opportunity with his new job as Iowa’s offensive coordinator. If he can significantly improve the offense, he will receive much-deserved credit. This could potentially open doors for him to lead his own college program, possibly even in a power conference. The bar is set low for Lester, given the struggles under Brian Ferentz, but it’s a chance for him to step up and make a positive impact.

As the sun rises on a new day for Iowa Hawkeyes football, the focus now turns to how Tim Lester will reshape the offense. It’s a fresh start for a team that has shown promise but has struggled to consistently compete at a higher level. Iowa fans can now look forward to what the future holds under Lester’s leadership.