When the head coach tells you it is still 0-0

Anyone who has played organized football from pee wee to a school sponsored football program has heard the same cliche. To keep a teams composure, a head coach may utter the words that it is still 0-0. The team that really needs to hear this cliche the most is the Florida State Seminoles after starting 0-1. Everyone knows Florida State has nothing to be ashamed of after their performance against #1 Alabama, but the way the next ten games are handled is what everyone is worried about. The phrase 0-0 is usually used for those that are winning in the ball game, and need to know there is more work to be done. This works just as well for FSU, as September 2nd could be used as a mulligan, and the next ten games need to be perfect.

Remaining Schedule


(RV) North Carolina State 1-1

@Wake Forest 2-0

#17 Miami 1-0

@ (RV) Duke 2-0

#14 Louisville 2-0

@Boston College 1-1

Syracuse 1-1

@ #3 Clemson 2-0

Delaware State 0-3

@ #24 Florida 0-1



Raw Analytical Data

  • Four Ranked Teams in the AP Poll
  • Two Teams Receiving Votes in the Coaches Poll (NCSU & Duke)
  • Opponents Total Records: 12-7
  • Since 2013 FSU is 25-0 against NCSU, Wake Forest, Miami, Duke, Boston College, Syracuse, and Florida (70% of the remaining schedule)
  • One horrid FCS Team Delaware State



Even with the adversity of having to start a true Freshman quarterback next Saturday, the analytical data points to FSU being successful still. While the offense may struggle coming out of the gates on September 23, they have a great supporting unit in the defense. Even after playing the #1 team in the nation, who has the best to offer, FSU’s defense is still #3 in the nation for total defense.


The cliche of it is still 0-0 is going to hold a lot of weight with this Seminole team. After being hurt by special teams mistakes, offensive mistakes, turnovers, and a huge injury it is still 0-0. The Seminoles control what they control, and right now it is all very manageable. While the college football world maybe moving past the Seminoles for now, in 10 games they will catch up.



Previous season of FSU losing their opening game then to win the rest of their games.