Denver Broncos: Should consider Drafting Two Quarterbacks for Success

The Denver Broncos are at a crossroads with their quarterback situation, and the 2024 NFL Draft presents a unique opportunity for the team to potentially secure their future at the most critical position in football. Their strategy? It may involve drafting not one, but two quarterbacks - a move that, while bold, could set the franchise on a new, successful path.

The Dual Quarterback Dilemma
Drafting two quarterbacks in the same draft is an approach not commonly taken by NFL teams, but the Broncos' situation calls for innovative measures. With their first pick sitting at 12th overall, drafting a prospect like Oregon's Bo Nix could be within reach. However, the conversation doesn't end there, as mid-round talents like Tulane's Michael Pratt are also on Denver's radar.

Why the Broncos Should Consider It
The logic behind drafting two quarterbacks is straightforward – it maximizes the chances of finding a franchise quarterback. History shows that while most elite NFL quarterbacks are first-round picks, there are exceptions. Michael Pratt himself has had discussions with the Broncos and sees a fit within Sean Payton's offense, particularly praising his skills in the intermediate passing game.

No Room for Veteran Stopgaps
Denver's recent history with veteran quarterbacks hasn’t brought the stability or success the team craves, highlighting the need for a young, dynamic quarterback to lead the team. The climate of the AFC, dominated by top-tier quarterbacks like Joe Burrow and Patrick Mahomes, puts even more pressure on Denver to find a competitive edge at the quarterback position.

Trade Options and Draft Capital
Finding themselves without a second-round pick in 2024, the Broncos still have options to gather more draft capital. Trading assets, even high-value ones such as Jerry Jeudy or Justin Simmons, could be on the table if it means securing the right pieces to draft one or potentially two quarterbacks. This aggressive approach underscores the dire need for a franchise quarterback to reassert Denver's relevance in the NFL.

A Winning Blueprint?
The Washington Redskins' 2012 draft, where they selected Robert Griffin III and Kirk Cousins, serves as a compelling case for why Denver's potential strategy could work. While Griffin's career with Washington did not pan out as expected, Cousins eventually became a reliable starter, proving that having multiple options can lead to an unexpected, but successful outcome.

Setting Up for Success
Even if the Broncos were to find their franchise quarterback in one of their picks, drafting two quarterbacks provides a safety net and competition, which could be beneficial for the team's development. Should one quarterback emerge as the clear starter, the other could provide valuable depth at the position, ensuring the Broncos are well-positioned for both the present and future.

Drafting two quarterbacks in the 2024 NFL Draft may be a gamble, but for the Denver Broncos, it's a gamble that could well be worth taking to finally solve their quarterback woes. With strategic planning and a bit of fortune, Denver could find itself back in contention sooner rather than later.