Deion Sanders Makes Move to Nike

Photo courtesy of Colorado Athletics
Head coach Deion Sanders’ well-known commitment to Under Armour significantly contributed to its presence in the Jackson State athletic gear market. This commitment sparked curiosity regarding the future of the ‘Coach Prime’ brand when Sanders took charge of the Colorado Buffaloes in December of last year.

Transition to Nike

The Buffaloes, known for sporting Nike apparel, had begun preparing specialized “Prime” gear as soon as Sanders assumed leadership. Sanders has now hinted at his move to Nike through an Instagram post. Clad in a black Nike pullover with Prime and the Nike Swoosh on opposing sides, he is seen sporting a team-issued Nike Colorado Buffaloes cap for the photo—complemented by a pair of Nike signature-edition sneakers.

In response to this development, Nike told USA Today in a statement, “We welcome Deion Sanders back to the Nike family.”

Implications for Under Armour

Missing out on Sanders’ endorsement represents a setback for Under Armour, which has been struggling to grow its global sales over the last three years. Stagnating around $5.5-5.7 billion, its sales pale in comparison to Nike’s staggering $46.71 billion in 2022, as reported by Statista.

Under Armour continues to battle Nike and Adidas to keep hold of Notre Dame, their top apparel school. Despite hefty offers from both Nike and Adidas, there seem to be indications that Notre Dame is swaying towards an even bigger deal from Under Armour.

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