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Rumor Mill: Jimbo Fisher to Texas A&M Updates

         We all know that the rumors, fake news, legitimate updates have been swirling the internet all day. The fact that Jimbo Fisher could come out and legitimately end this himself tells you all you need to know. The fact that he has not straight out denied the Texas A&M rumors definitely […]

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3rd and Jimbo

So we all have heard the cliche “3rd and Kelly” by now, while it still holds true “3rd and Jimbo” should have more of the spotlight. Our offense has been generally terrible, but our third down efficiency has been absolutely atrocious. Every time we were forced on third down whether it was long or short, […]

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“Follow the Money”

Do you remember a couple of years ago when the rumors started swirling that Nick Saban might actually go to Texas? While Nick Saban could have all he ever wanted at Alabama, it was leaked he could have even more at Texas. More money, more benefits, whatever he asked it was going to be done. […]

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Notable Quotes from Jimbo Fisher’s Press Conference

Yesterday Jimbo Fisher had to face the media, with his back literally against the wall, in a situation he has never been in. He has never come into a weekly press conference at 1-3, and the feelings felt iffy for everyone in the room. The thing about college football press conferences, is that most reporters […]

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