Column: Three College Football Occurrences You’ll Never See

Photo courtesy of Notre Dame athletics

In college football, the landscape is rapidly changing.

From teams shifting conferences, to coaches leaving, there are only a few things in college football that won’t change in your lifetime. We list three.

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1. Vanderbilt winning the SEC

If it hasn’t happened in our great grandfather’s, grandfather’s, father’s, or our lifetimes, it will never happen. Over the past 40 years, the Commodores have only had two winning seasons in SEC play. A member of the conference since 1933, Vanderbilt has finished with a winning SEC record just 11 times ever.

With the conference already so deep, the additions of Texas and Oklahoma are not going to help Vandy’s cause. Vanderbilt winning the SEC will not happen in your lifetime. Don’t expect the Commodores to even win the SEC East.

2. Duke beating Florida State

Of the three things on the list, this one has the best chance of actually happening. If Duke could not beat Florida State under a checked-out Jimbo Fisher or a newly-hired Mike Norvell during a 3-6 season for FSU, then it will never happen. All-time, the Seminoles are 21-0 against Duke.

Similar to Vanderbilt, Duke has stricter academic standards, which makes recruiting tougher. It is also worth noting that the two conference foes are in different divisions, so they play sparingly. Since 2014, the programs have met just twice.

3. Notre Dame Joining a Conference Long Term

Every Notre Dame fan can probably agree with this one, and most knowledgeable fans will as well. When it comes to football, Notre Dame will not be joining a conference in your lifetime.

The deal the Fighting Irish have currently is too good, and they aren’t going to go against tradition. There may another once-in-a-lifetime experience similar to the COVID-19 pandemic where Notre Dame joins a conference for a season or two as it did with the ACC in 2020. Those changes however, won’t stick.