Why Matt Campbell Staying at Iowa State Surprises Everyone

As the off-season arrives, the coaching carousel in college football begins to spin, and frequently, Matt Campbell’s name is among those being fervently discussed for major job openings. His tenure at Iowa State has been nothing short of transformative, solidifying his reputation as one of college football’s elite program builders. Despite the allure of more prominent positions, Campbell’s commitment to the Cyclones has remained unwavering. With each passing season, he continues to guide his team to bowl games, an achievement that had seemed elusive before his arrival.

The Appeal of Ames
Campbell’s decision to stay put is rooted in a deep connection with Iowa State and its community. From the onset, he was upfront about the challenges that came with leaving his Ohio home, a region where he and his family were deeply entrenched. The transition to Ames was a significant one, underscored by his desire to lay down roots and build a unique and lasting program. This vision for Iowa State has not only been realized but continues to evolve under his leadership.

A Coach’s Checklist
In detailing the factors that anchor him to Iowa State, Campbell reveals a three-point checklist that guides his professional decisions. Foremost is his commitment to his family, ensuring that his role does not impede his responsibilities as a father and husband. Secondly, the collaborative environment at Iowa State, characterized by trust and shared vision among staff and administration, plays a crucial role. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, Campbell emphasizes the creation of a supportive and trusting environment for his players. He values the responsibility of aiding them through significant life transitions, aiming to build a program that genuinely supports their growth.

A Program Built on Trust
The ethos that Campbell imparts is one of genuine care and support, extending beyond the football field. This approach has fostered a culture within Iowa State football that prides itself on being more than just a team. It’s a program that stands for something greater, striving to impact the lives of its players positively and profoundly. This has been a cornerstone of Campbell’s tenure, appealing not only to current and prospective players but to the broader Iowa State community as well.

The Road Ahead
While speculation around potential coaching moves is a staple of the off-season, Campbell’s rootedness in Ames appears stronger than ever. His vision for Iowa State, grounded in family, collaboration, and player development, continues to be the bedrock of his decisions. As the landscape of college football evolves, Campbell’s leadership and the distinct culture he has cultivated at Iowa State serve as a beacon for what is possible when commitment and vision align.