Which College Football Program Produced the 4th and 5th rounders NFL Picks Since 2000?

Photo provided by Alabama Athletics 

The NFL Draft is a time where college football programs showcase their talent and send their best athletes to the professional ranks. While there is much focus on the first round selections, it’s the later rounds that often hold hidden gems. So, which college has produced the most fourth and fifth round picks since the year 2000? To answer this question, Fifth Quarter has analyzed draft data since the turn of the millennium.

It should come as no surprise that Alabama leads the way with 20 players drafted in the fourth and fifth rounds in this time period. This achievement speaks to the depth and quality of talent found within their program. Coach Nick Saban has built a dynasty in Tuscaloosa and his player pipeline to the NFL clearly extends beyond just the early rounds of the draft.

Behind Alabama’s impressive 20, Georgia, Ohio State, and Wisconsin are tied for second place, each having 17 players selected in the fourth and fifth rounds since 2000. These prestigious programs consistently churn out NFL talent and their coaching staffs understand how to develop players at every level.

Another Southeastern Conference (SEC) powerhouse, LSU, is not far behind with 16 fourth and fifth round picks since 2000. The SEC is a breeding ground for NFL players, with multiple schools in the conference making the list.

Rounding out the top ten, Nebraska and Notre Dame each boast 15 selections in the later rounds. Following them are Oklahoma and Penn State, each with 14 recipients. Lastly, we find Tennessee and USC tied, both fielding 13 players in the fourth and fifth rounds since 2000.

In conclusion, Alabama’s dominance in producing quality NFL talent extends beyond the first few rounds of the draft, as they lead all colleges in fourth and fifth round selections since 2000. Other traditional football powerhouses-Oklahoma, Ohio State, and USC-predictably follow suit, further solidifying their reputations in the sport.