Tyler Buchner Makes Return to the Notre Dame Gridiron

Tyler Buchner’s journey has taken another unexpected turn. The former Alabama quarterback is heading back to Notre Dame, not just to play lacrosse, but also to reignite his football career.

Fresh off a national championship in lacrosse with the Fighting Irish, Buchner announced his decision to walk on to Notre Dame’s football team. However, he will be showcasing his talents in a new role—wide receiver.

This move comes after a challenging 2023 season at Alabama. Buchner was named the starter for the game against USF but faced difficulties. Completing just 5 of 14 passes for 37 yards, he was benched in favor of Ty Simpson during the 17-3 victory.

The experience left Buchner in a tough emotional spot. He felt devastated after being benched, questioning his future in football. But adversity brought clarity. Buchner embraced a new role as the scout team quarterback later in the season.

Playing this new role, he found a renewed sense of purpose. Coach Nick Saban thanked him for his contribution to the team, particularly highlighting his effort in Alabama’s win over LSU. This acknowledgment helped Buchner find fulfillment even without being in the starting lineup.

Despite receiving offers from other schools to play quarterback after leaving Alabama, Buchner chose Notre Dame. This decision, he said, was driven by a deep-seated desire to be a part of the Fighting Irish community.

Buchner’s journey at Notre Dame has been full of twists and turns. Named the starter in 2022, his season was cut short due to an injury that sidelined him for most of the games. Soon after, he transferred to Alabama when Notre Dame added Wake Forest transfer Sam Hartman.

Now back at Notre Dame, Buchner aims to contribute both on the lacrosse field and the football field. His story is a testament to resilience and adaptability. The transition from quarterback to wide receiver presents new challenges, but also a fresh start.

Buchner’s collegiate career has been anything but predictable. His return to Notre Dame, and switch to a different position, speaks volumes about his determination and love for the game.