Three Things Alex Golesh has already done right

It was just recently where USF fans thought Deion Sanders was going to be their head coach. Here we are rapidly approaching Christmas, and their new head coach is actually Alex Golesh. Outside looking in this could really payoff for USF as Golesh has hit the ground running. He has immediately made an impact and is already building momentum in Tampa. So let’s take a look of three things he’s done right already!

#1 He is not Coaching Tennessee in a NY6 Bowl Game

Fun Fact, Tennessee hasn’t been to a NY6 or BCS Bowl game since the 1999 season. While it is common for new coaches to skip their bowl games, something this huge for the program he is at might have been worth staying for. Since he is skipping the bowl game he can give USF his full attention. The transfer portal has already opened, early signing day is in ten days, and he has a chance to really get going for recruiting in general. This also gives him an opportunity to build his staff, which he has already made a few hires. This was a great first move to start the era. While previous head coach Jeff Scott was in the playoffs before he came to USF, not fully committing right away set him way behind.

#2 In under a week he has hired four on the field coaches

  • Defensive Coordinator Todd Orlando
  • Defensive Line Coach Kevin Patrick
  • Offensive Line Coach Tyler Hudanick
  • TE’s Coach Jack Taylor

#3 He doesn’t say “UCF”

While the Knights are leaving the AAC, he has made it clear that he will play them at any point. If Gus Malzahn could barely beat a USF team with no Head Coach, you have to think he’s okay with not playing them. We all know Golesh spent a year there, but he seems like the guy that could keep a rival in check. Golesh’s first collegiate gig was at Ohio State where they didn’t acknowledge the name “Michigan.”

Bonus: I would love for him to bring back the retro logo for a time or two.