The Three most HATED Teams

This article is about the three most hated teams in college football for the past ten seasons. Everyone has that one program they just cannot stand, but some even have individual teams that will burn at their heart forever. Maybe some controversy or some annoying antics made you hate them, but some teams scarred you so bad you will always remember them.

One of the more classic hated teams was “The U” in the 80’s. These guys brought swagger, and let teams know while simultaneously destroying them. While none of these teams below brought that same swagger, they did bring the same HATE. So let’s get to it, the three most HATED teams in the past ten seasons.

#1 UCF Knights 2017

It’s true, no one wants the little guy to have anything. The UCF Knights did the unthinkable in not only going undefeated but breaking a glass ceiling. One of the polls that are recognized by the NCAA as a National Championship selector finished their yearly rankings with UCF as #1.

UCF capped off its season with an undefeated season, AAC Champions, Peach Bowl Champions, and National Champions according to the Colley Matrix. The Knights even beat Auburn as their opponents in the Peach Bowl. Auburn defeated the College Football Playoff National Champions Alabama just weeks earlier.

Minnesota Timberwolves celebrating after winning an opening round play-in game for the NBA Playoffs

Once the Colley Matrix ranked UCF #1 to end the season, UCF branded themselves as national champions. This angered everyone outside of Orlando Florida, but could you blame them for capitalizing on the opportunity?

#2 Florida State 2014

Florida State had probably the most hated player of the past ten seasons and how they won in comeback fashion almost every week pissed everyone off. The Seminoles had the subreddit r/CFB in disbelief each week in 2014. People literally were angry about the Seminoles coming back each time, and how they couldn’t keep getting away with it.

Not to mention you had Jameis Winston having a developing story each week we felt like. From the issue, he had in 2013, Publix Crab Legs, and saying inappropriate things in the student union.

#3 Any Alabama team of the past ten seasons

It’s true, people want to see a consistent winner lose. Alabama has been the most dominant program, of course, people are going to hate them yearly.

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