The Three Biggest Disappointments of 2022

No fan comes into the college football season not having reasonable expectations for their team. Every year there is some kind of standard to meet, or at least come close. No one is prepared for disappointment until it happens to their team. There were a few teams that were expected to be great this year or at least solid. This article is going to be about the teams that were the biggest disappointments in college football this season. Missing the standard is one thing but disappointing the fanbase is a hard one to swallow.

#3 Miami Hurricanes 5-7 (3-5)

I don’t even know where to start with this one. First year head coaches are rarely successful but Miami fans just wanted to be competitive in some of their biggest games. The last two games of the season Miami wasn’t even competitive losing by a combined 82-16. Even near the beginning of the season they were routed by Middle Tennessee State. Their biggest game of the season against Florida State they lost 45-3. I think everyone can understand the notion that Cristobal is in his first season and he will need time. Yet the preseason expectations set around him inside the fanbase and media were crazy. Let’s remember Miami started the season ranked at #16.

#2 Michigan State 5-7 (3-6)

Mel Tucker entered his third season as the Spartans Head Coach, and usually the third year is the money season. After winning the Peach Bowl the Spartans came in the AP Preseason Poll at #15. College Football News projected that Michigan State might not have a better record due to a tougher schedule but would be better overall than 2021. Fast forward to December of 2022 and they are sitting at a 5-7 record. Michigan State would play four ranked teams in 2022 and would lose by a combined 152-71.

#1 Texas A&M 5-7 (2-6)

You can debate my first two, but there is no debating my number one. This is the one list Aggie fans definitely didn’t want to win. It is ironic that two of the most disappointing teams ended up playing each other this season. Texas A&M came into the season fresh off a #1 Recruiting Class, and #6 AP Poll Ranking. The hype was so unbelievably crazy for Texas A&M that CBS even booked them for their lone primetime spot this season. They booked them for the primetime spot before the season even begin, traditionally that never happened. Texas A&M was so disappointing they only won two SEC games this year, that’s the same as ACC Florida State. The most frustrating thing for Aggie fans was watching their team beat a Top 5 LSU team and take Alabama to the distance. Jimbo Fisher has to get it together by next season.

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