The SEC’s Five Highest-Paid Coaches for 2022

Money, money, money.

As we all know, college football has turned into an arms race where all the top programs know that in order to be successful, it cannot be on a poor man’s campaign. Coaches from all over the country have struck huge contracts, especially those coaching in the SEC.

The Southeastern Conference now has five different head coaches who make more than $7 million annually. Here’s a look at what the SEC’s five highest paid coaches will make in 2022:

5. Lane Kiffin, Ole Miss: $7.25 Million

Kiffin received a contract extension last December after Ole Miss’ 10-win season and Sugar Bowl appearance. Kiffin’s new contract runs past the 2025 season.

4. Jimbo Fisher, Texas A&M: $9 Million

When Jimbo Fisher left Florida State after the 2017 season, we knew there had to be major money coming his way. When Texas A&M hired Fisher, it was for 10 years and $75 million. If Fisher wants to see this contract renegotiated, he will need to have another elite season, similar to 2020.

3. Brian Kelly, LSU: $9.5 Million

Similar to Texas A&M, LSU was bound to hire to a proven head coach with a solid track record. Brian Kelly walks into LSU making around $9.5 million per season over the next 10 seasons.

2. Nick Saban, Alabama: $9.75 Million

One would have to imagine the greatest college football coach of all-time with seven national championships will be the highest paid coach again. For now, however, he ranks in terms of SEC salary where Alabama did in the final polls last season — second.

1. Kirby Smart, Georgia: $10.25 Million

Let’s put this in perspective. In 1867, the United States of America purchased Alaska from Russia for $7.2 million. In 2022, due to inflation, that deal would be worth more than $144 million. In 2022, Georgia gave head coach Kirby Smart a 10-year extension worth $112.5 million.

Add in Smart’s previously earnings and one could say that Georgia values Smart more than Russia valued Alaska. When you win a national championship at a program that went more than four decades without one, mega money happens.

Kirby will be making $10.25 million this season. By the end of his deal in 2031, it will be more than $12 million annually.

Featured image photo credit: Tony Walsh/Georgia athletics