The Real Miami

It’s time for the real Miami to please stand up. All my life I have seen the Miami RedHawks on my television screen embellish the acronym OH by their name to distinguish themselves from the Miami Hurricanes.  It’s time to fight back against this branding that media has given you just because there is another team way down south. The Hurricanes have been irrelevant for a long time now. It’s time for the good people surrounding Miami University to drop the OH and realize they are THE MIAMI! Disclaimer: this is a football only article, and I can care less about other aspects.

Miami RedHawks vs Miami Hurricanes since 2010

Conference Championships

Miami 2 Miami 0

Division Championships

Miami 3 Miami 1

Bowl Game Wins

Miami 2 Miami 1

10+ Winning Seasons

Miami 2 Miami 1

Like I said there is absolutely no reason for the RedHawks to take the Miami branding for themselves. If you look at the image below Redhawk fans even show up to the games. Hurricane fans are very sparse now a days. You can bring up the attendance numbers all you want, just know they are inflated to make the program look better.

Drop the OH take the name Miami

First thing, you’re telling me people wouldn’t know that you’re the Miami RedHawks just seeing the Big Red “M”? You have arguably had a better ten seasons than the other Miami, and even have more wins all time. Go ahead and take the branding for yourself. Similar to how Louisiana-Laffayette is just now Louisiana. Do what’s best for yourself and let everyone else figure out the differentiation.

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