The most exciting summer for Auburn fans since…?

College football season enticers many, and Auburn football fans are no different. Highly anticipating the 2023 Tigers, they are getting ready to fill Jordan-Hare Stadium to capacity. The newfound hope is largely due to Hugh Freeze, expected to revive the Auburn football program with time. However, his first season at The Plains might not meet the high hopes of the fanbase.

Despite a disappointing season in 2022 with a record of 5-7 under Bryan Harsin, loyal Auburn supporters are showing their excitement with ticket sales reaching record numbers. The increasing excitement surrounding the team owes much to Freeze’s influence.

The expectations for the 2023 Tigers are high, but an 8-4 season would be considered a stellar accomplishment. Fans are fully supportive of the team and appear to have more fervor for the upcoming season than anyone else.

Rooting for a team like Auburn that has a reputation of being a top-15 all-time program should bring anticipation for each new season. Coaching Auburn, however, is challenging due to fierce competition from top rivals such as Alabama and Georgia, not to mention LSU. Despite these challenges, this football program possesses the required passion and resources to register significant wins.

In the past, Hugh Freeze has proved his coaching prowess at Arkansas State, Ole Miss, and Liberty. His appointment as the head coach at Auburn makes for an exciting prospect for fans. His presence at Auburn has indeed made rivals Alabama, Georgia, and LSU uncomfortable, checking the three most crucial checkboxes.

With his strategic positioning, Freeze might lead his team to beat teams they are not expected to this year. But, likely, the squad will lack the depth to face off with top-tier teams such as Alabama, Georgia, and LSU. In their first season with Freeze, fans must prepare to witness these probable losses.

For Auburn, the critical factor is the way the team presents itself on the field, providing fans with a performance worth their support and excitement. Indeed, with Freeze on board, these are exciting times for Auburn football fans.