The Bear: 40 Years Ago

As I am writing this post it has been exactly 40 years and 2 days since Paul “Bear” Bryant left the college football world. He was by far the most successful coach in his era and arguably the best of all time. The Bear revolutionized the game, and his impact will be timeless in college football. Here is a fun fact many don’t know about The Bear. He was the head coach for four present-day SEC teams in his career. Many know of his stints at Kentucky, Texas A&M, and Alabama but many don’t know about Vanderbilt. For a game in 1940, Bryant served as Head Coach for the Commodores, which he led Vanderbilt to a 7-7 tie versus Kentucky. So let’s take a quick rundown of the Bear’s career and this 40 year mark since he last coached.

Bear Bryant Documentary

My article is a quick synopsis. This documentary from 1991 is worth watching

Bear Bryant’s Accomplishments in a 47 Year Career

  • Six National Championships
  • 14 SEC Championships
  • 1 Southwest Conference Championship
  • 12 Time SEC Coach of the Year
  • 3 Time AFCA Coach of the Year
  • 20 Bowl Game Victories
  • 323-85-17 Overall Record

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