The Aaron Rodgers trade saga heats up as Packers and Jets play a game of wait-and-see – who will blink first?

The Aaron Rodgers trade saga continues to unfold, with the Packers and Jets still unable to find common ground. With the start of the NFL draft looming, the pressure is mounting for both sides to come to an agreement. However, with no external or internal pressure to get a deal done, it seems that time is on the side of both teams.

The Packers’ lack of an owner has left them in a difficult position, with no one in a position of sufficient authority to call a halt to the ongoing negotiations. The Jets, on the other hand, have an owner who could intervene, but with no external or internal pressure to do so, it seems unlikely.

It is possible that the league office may try to pressure the two sides into a deal, but both teams seem content to wait it out and see who blinks first. The question is, who will break first and at what price point?

While there is no real reason to say anything until there is a new development, the longer the negotiations drag on, the more likely it is that one side will be forced to do a lesser deal. The pressure to move forward will eventually become too great for one side or the other, and that’s when the deal will happen.

One glimmer of hope for a resolution is the upcoming league meetings in Arizona, where Jets owner Woody Johnson and Packers CEO Mark Murphy may have the chance to work out their differences in person. Being together in a semi-relaxed setting could be just what both sides need to finally come to an agreement.

Ultimately, though, it seems that the page is turning on Rodgers’ time in Green Bay, and the stage is set for him to make his debut with the Jets. It’s just a matter of when and at what price. For now, the waiting game continues, with both sides content to bide their time and wait for the other to make the first move.