The 128 Team Playoff, Day 80: Baylor vs. Texas Tech

Photo courtesy of Baylor athletics


We’ve created a 130-team bracket using ESPN’s FPI as our ranking system.

“But, anyone can create a bracket, how will the games be simulated?” Great question; NCAA Game Sim was used.

For each game on the bracket, the matchup was simulated once and every day a write-up will be done.

For the matchup, player statistics will be simulated and included in the write-ups.

Finally, thanks to the NCAA Game Sim premium membership, we’ll show the results of doing 100 simulations all at once. This is to see if a given result was more towards the expected side or if a given result was more towards the upset or luckier side.

All of the results have been simulated and tabulated, so at the time of writing the introduction, the results are already in.

This is designed to be fun, so please enjoy.

From Georgia to Massachusetts, here’s the 130-team bracket:

Match 81

(2) Baylor vs. (7) Texas Tech

How Baylor Got Here: 30-13 win over (15) Kansas

How Texas Tech Got Here: 58-14 win over (10) Central Michigan

The quarterbacks were not particularly sharp in this one. They combined for three interceptions and only one passing touchdown.

Baylor’s Gerry Bohannon was 20-for-29 with 215 yards, a touchdown, and two interceptions.

Texas Tech quarterback Henry Colombi was 17-for-30 with 302 yards and an interception. Colombi added a rushing touchdown that would actually prove decisive.

Texas Tech running back Tahj Brooks finished with a game-high in rushing yards — with 58 and a touchdown on just seven carries.

Baylor running back Abram Smith was not far behind, with 57 yards on 17 carries.

In a sloppy game from both teams, the Red Raiders pull off the upset by a score of 20-16.

In 100 simulations, Texas Tech actually won 53 of them by a margin of 25.2-25.1.

It’s hard to see how Texas Tech won the majority of 100 simulations over the Big 12 conference champions. That’s alright; that’s why this is just a fun offseason exercise that surely no one will be upset over.

Winner’s Next Matchup: Winner of (3) Ole Miss vs. (6) Virginia

Tomorrow’s Matchup: (2) NC State vs. (10) Memphis

Updated Bracket

Teams Lost, In Order:


Massachusetts, Connecticut


Akron, New Mexico State, Florida International, Temple, New Mexico, Bowling Green, Rice, Vanderbilt, Louisiana-Monroe, Texas State, Arkansas State, Charlotte, Southern Mississippi, Ohio, Kansas, Duke, UNLV, Georgia Southern, UTEP, South Alabama, San Jose State, South Florida, Arizona, Old Dominion, Louisiana Tech, Ball State, Minnesota, Navy, Nebraska, Buffalo, Troy, Colorado State, North Texas, Eastern Michigan, Northwestern, Northern Illinois, Florida Atlantic, Stanford, Tulane, Colorado, Wyoming, Middle Tennessee, Rutgers, Miami University, Indiana, Louisville, Georgia Tech, East Carolina, West Virginia, Central Michigan, Missouri, Syracuse, Tulsa, Western Michigan, Utah State, Liberty, UTSA, Boston College, Nevada, South Carolina, Army, Washington, Air Force, Virginia Tech


Toledo, Alabama, Illinois, TCU, UAB, Marshall, USC, San Diego State, California, UCF, Washington State, Pittsburgh, Oregon State, Florida State, Baylor,


American: 4/11 (highest remaining: 2. Cincinnati)

ACC: 6/14 (highest remaining: 1. Clemson)

Big 12: 6/10 (highest remaining: 1. Oklahoma, 1. Oklahoma State)

Big Ten: 8/14 (highest remaining: 1. Ohio State, 1. Michigan)

Conference USA: 1/14 (highest remaining: 6. Western Kentucky)

Independents: 2/7 (highest remaining: 1. Notre Dame)

MAC: 1/12 (highest remaining: 13. Kent State)

Mountain West: 2/12 (highest remaining: 5. Boise State)

Pac-12: 4/12 (highest remaining: 2. Utah)

SEC: 10/14 (highest remaining: 1. Georgia)

Sun Belt: 5/10 (highest remaining: 5. Appalachian State)