Texas Longhorns Football: The Favorites of the Big 12

Steve Sarkisian and Texas Football: A New Journey Begins

As the Big 12 preseason poll results are expected to surface soon, Texas Longhorns reignites as a new favorite. This is a shift from the usual trend, as the Longhorns have not dominated the championship projection since 2009.

Despite garnering recruits among the top 10 every season, Texas has seen a performance-dip recently. With more below-average seasons than AP Top 20 finishes since 2010, the Longhorns have seen shades of disappointment.

Expectations Surrounding the Longhorns

But this season is different. For the first time, since their unexpected lapse in 2010, Texas steps up with real expectations. As indicated in the preseason All-Big 12 team list, Texas is leading with five first-team players including defensive player of the year, experienced linebacker Jaylan Ford.

Most national polls and predictions rank Texas around the sixth position. If this comes to fruition, it would be the Longhorns’ best start after they contended for the national championship post the triumphant Big 12 championship in 2009.

Aligning Expectations with Performance

However, having high expectations is one thing, meeting them is entirely another. The coaches and the team adopt different strategies to manage these predictions. Some take an aggressive approach, rejecting the expectations to develop a “us against the world” attitude. Others simply deny their existence and opt for a “block out the noise” mentality.

Coach Sarkisian follows a balanced approach by acknowledging both the good and bad expectations. He believes it’s not about what others think but about what the team can put on the field. He continues to keep a level-headed approach, focusing on the belief within the Texas camp instead of outside speculations.

The Ambition for Victory

The Texan belief is simple: win the Big 12. Sarkisian and his team are on a mission. After narrowly missing the opportunity last year, they are determined to make amends. The team has been working hard throughout the winter and spring to prepare for the season ahead.

Looking Forward

In conclusion, this year promises to be an exciting journey for the Longhorns. They not only believe in winning, but they have channelized all their energy to make it happen.

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