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Bryce Hall is the newest secondary piece for the New York Jets. Hall comes to the pros in the 5th round to add youth, talent and, above all, more intelligence to the Jets. A standout at the University of Virginia, Hall came into the 2019 season on a plethora of watch lists and preseason first team all Americas. But an untimely ankle injury put Hall out for most of his senior season. Hall though, is still a named feared and respected throughout the ACC, eliciting respect out of his opponents and their play callers.

Who is Hall?

Hall is a respectably tall corner coming in at 6-1 – above league average by 2 inches. He also comes in at a strong 202 pounds, which is also over the league average by roughly 10 pounds. Bryce wasn’t highly-touted coming into college. Rated as a two-star recruit, many overlooked Hall coming out of high school. But that would be to their own peril. Hall caught the eye of the University of Virginia football coaches and earned a spot as a Cavalier. He played all 12 games his freshman year, and didn’t look back, as he was a key player until he graduated.

Football Intelligence

Hall’s contributions don’t show by jumping halfway to the moon or in tackling two receivers at once. That isn’t Hall’s main game. He gets to his goal by playing like a giant and thinking like a genius. Hall was well-known throughout the ACC for reading quarterbacks’ eyes. He saw the play unfold and adjusted accordingly.

Big Man Attitude

Hall does have good height, but has a great vertical to go with it. This allows him to play like a 7-footer throughout his collegiate career. The Cavalier plays like a giant and hits like a boulder. One of his most sought after qualities is his ability to get over the tallest receivers. He always seemed to have an extra few inches to pick off or break up the pass. He is very reminiscent of Packers’ corner Jaire Alexander, due to their uncanny abilities to play like a pole vaulter.

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Bryce seems to have a few detractors. Some scouts still seem concerned with his ankle injury. But Hall did pass an NFL health evaluation on the ankle. Others have issues with his acceleration, back pedal, and his ability to thrive in a man defense. In the right system and with good coaching, that shouldn’t be a factor.


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