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After leading Kentucky to a 10-win season in 2018, quarterback Terry Wilson hopes to bounce back from a season-ending injury and make the Wildcats a player in the SEC East.

A transfer from Oregon and junior college, Wilson hopes for a big senior season. Fifth Quarter’s Mike Black caught up with Wilson for a Q&A.

Questions and Answers

Q: How’s the knee doing, my man? Everyone wants to know.

Wilson: It’s probably at about 95 percent right now. I’m able to full sprint just fine. I’m trying to build more muscle on my quad right now.

Q: What was the hardest part about going to Kentucky from JUCO and after leaving Oregon? Was it the playbook, coaching staff, the change in scenery?

Wilson: Definitely just adjusting to the new area. I had already gotten used to switching playbooks and coaches. I was able to pretty much get into a zone and learn everything down and learn it all.

Q: You’ve obviously reached success in some forms with being able to beat a team like Florida and even in high school when offers rolled in. What are you most proud of? The moments in college or being able to get the offers?

Wilson: I really don’t think I’ve hit my most proud moment. I think that’s still ahead of me and it’ll come in the future.

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Q: What do you think got you further, your talent or your work ethic?

Wilson: Definitely my work ethic. I feel like my work ethic, even though I have the talent, my work ethic has gotten me to where I am and will get me where I’m going.

Q: So, being that you’re a Duck and a Wildcat, if neither Kentucky or Oregon could win the national championship, who would you chose?

Wilson: Definitely Nebraska. I was committed there my junior year and almost went there. When I was in JUCO, (Nebraska head coach) Scott Frost came and saw me and I almost went there again. Just being out there on my visit, I loved Nebraska.

Q: If there was a kid right here who either had to transfer from their dream school or go the JUCO route, or whatever mountains they had to climb, what would you tell them?

Wilson: Just keep pushing. I feel like I was in that situation a few times, so I got used to change and how to adapt to it. When I went through my first coaching change at Oregon, I just thought to myself, “this is part of college football”, but you just have to get in that zone and be ready to face something new head on.