SEC Championships Won by Each Team

You can always measure the success of a program with the number of championships they have won. You always start with the national championships, and then you move on down the line. After National Championships you check out the conference championships. After conference championships, then you move down to major bowl wins. After major bowl wins you move down to bowl wins total. The measure of the success of a program is the team trophies they win. Heismans and Individual awards are nice, but championships are where it’s at. We will look at each conference and the updated number of conference championships they have. Today the focus is on The SEC. Here we go, SEC Championships Won by Each Team.

SEC Championships Won by Each Team

Alabama 29
Georgia 14
Tennessee 13
LSU 12
Florida 8 (plus one that was vacated)
Auburn 8
Ole Miss 6
Kentucky 2
Mississippi State 1
Arkansas 0
Missouri 0
South Carolina 0
Texas A&M 0
Georgia Tech 5 (Former Member)
Tulane 3 (Former Member)
Sewanee 0 (Former Member)

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