Remaining Schedules for Undefeated Teams

Entering week 12 of the college football season we are down to only four undefeated teams. Those teams are Georgia, Ohio State, Michigan, and TCU all sitting at a perfect 10-0. While we know finishing undefeated hasn’t been necessary to winning  a national championship for a long time now, it is awesome to say you had a undefeated season. As we know two out of the four will cancel each other out by the time the regular season ends. Right now it is awesome seeing the College Football Playoff Committee value undefeated records. Let’s go ahead and take a peak at the remaining schedules for undefeated teams.


#1 Georgia Bulldogs

  • @ Kentucky
  • Georgia Tech
  • LSU (SEC Championship Game)

If you remember in the preseason a lot of gutsy analyst were predicting that Kentucky would compete against Georgia for the SEC East title, that their mid November matchup could decide who goes to Atlanta for the SEC Championship game. Well we are finally at that point, and Kentucky is coming off a fresh loss to Vanderbilt. The next week the Bulldogs take on their instate rivals Georgia Tech, and GT like usual will be limping into this game. Except this time it will be under an interim head coach. The ESPN FPI has not updated their win out percentages, but anecdotally speaking I would give Georgia a 100% chance to win out the regular season. The question would be if they can finish it off and defeat LSU, which Georgia will be the Vegas favorite.

#2 Ohio State

  • @ Maryland
  • Michigan

#3 Michigan

  • Illinois
  • @ Ohio State

The two rivals are giving the country similar flashbacks to 2006 when they played the “Game of the Century” as #1 and #2 teams. Unlike the BCS era, the loser may still have an opportunity to make the College Football Playoffs if it’s a close game. We have seen the SEC get multiple teams in the playoffs on multiple occasions. We know these two will cancel each other out, but could they meet again? I think it is important to note that the ESPN FPI has Ohio State ranked at #60 and Michigan at #82 for strength of schedule.

#4 TCU

  • @ Baylor
  • Iowa State
  • Big 12 Championship Game Opponent TBD

We told you earlier that finishing undefeated isn’t a necessity to win the national championship anymore, well for TCU it likely is this season. Personally I do not think the College Football Playoff Committee will value a one loss TCU team over a one loss SEC team. While TCU has a moderate strength of schedule ranked at #38 by the ESPN FPI, it doesn’t compare to someone like Tennessee who is ranked at #3. It’s simple for TCU fans, keep winning and your in!

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