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Organization Spotlight: My Recruits

by Michael

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In the game of high school recruiting, parents nowadays, don’t always know which way to turn.

There are big companies charging a lot of money and some coaches who just don’t have all of the connections. One guy who is getting it done out of Arizona is Coach Lou Perrone of My Recruits.

With over $10 million in scholarships, Coach Perrone has placed more than 1,100 players in college since 2018. Coach Perrone believes in the three E’s: Educate, Empower and Expose. They must be in that order, he said.

“There are so many pitfalls in this process that players and parents have to learn to work around and sidestep,” Perrone said. “We have to teach them the process first before we start getting them involved in it. We help healthy young athletes build social media platforms, learn how to communicate and work a system in which they can very easily navigate and get themselves on board.”

Coach Perrone isn’t a fan of databases with close to 5,000 coaches. Perrone knows the calls to make and when they need to be made.

“Of course, I’m picking up the phone for my guys,” he said. “Sometimes, I’m picking up the phone for guys that aren’t even working with me. A lot of people say it’s all about the kids but very few people back it up.”

Back it up?

Perrone certainly is.

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