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Meet Jake Ferree: Lamar EDGE Commit

by Shayler

Photo provided by Jake Ferree

On Sept. 14, Clear Springs High School defensive edge player Jake Ferree committed to Lamar.

Ferree’s commitment serves as a big get for the Cardinals. He’s Lamar’s second defensive line commit for the class of 2022.

We caught up with the League City, Tex. native to talk more about the decision to take his talents to Lamar.

1. Heading into your senior year, what is your No. 1 goal?

Heading into senior year, my main goal is to have fun and enjoy my last high school football season with my teammates and friends, making memories. Also, getting ready and preparing myself for college and finishing out school year with good grades.

2. If you had to compare your style to an NFL/college outside linebacker, who would be the closest to your style?

I would compare myself and my style to Micah Parsons. He was a defensive end in high school and went into college playing linebacker. He is about the same physical build — height and weight — as I am and plays with similar styles.

3. Has COVID-19 affected your recruiting this offseason?

COVID restrictions did not slow me down much. I found camps and competitions all offseason and worked hard at every one of them to put my self out there. Recruiters couldn’t come to us in spring, so I went to them in summer.

4. What major/degree are you hoping to pursue in college?

I would like to get a bachelor’s degree in business.

5. What things are you doing this offseason compared to others to get yourself prepared for your season?

In the offseason, I plan on continuing to work out at the gym everyday (and) work with my trainer Donnie Baggs on conditioning and position skills.

6. Favorite football memory?

I have a lot of favorite football memories, but I have to say when I was in my sophomore year and was moved to varsity as a starter, being in the stadium under the Friday night lights and feeling the energy of the crowd. That never gets old.

7. Would you be willing to change positions if a coach asked you?

I am a very versatile player, so if a coach asks me to play a different position, I have no problem; whatever the team needs. I am a defensive end on varsity but being recruited as a linebacker. In junior high through ninth grade, I have played all kinds of positions: quarterback, wide receiver, defensive end, linebacker, you name it. (I do) whatever I am needed for as I will work hard for that team.

8. Do you plan on enrolling early when it is time to attend college?

I did not start the early registration for college as I actually just received a (Division I) scholarship offer.

9. Obviously the NFL is the ultimate goal; besides that, what do you want to do post-college career?

Post-college, yes, of course NFL is always the ultimate goal, but I am realistic and do plan to have a business degree and would love to own my own business and be an entrepreneur.

10. What is a fact about you that most do not know?

Not a lot of people know I am an uncle.

11. Who was your role model growing up?

Growing up, J.J. Watt was someone I looked up to. He shows discipline, grit. He is humble and most of all, he is generous and helps people.

12. What is your favorite drill to do in practice?

My favorite drill is pass rush and hand placement.

13. What is your favorite meal?

(A) Chick-fil-A sandwich.

14. What are some of your hobbies besides football?

Some of my favorite hobbies are fishing with friends, and playing Madden.

15. Favorite movie?


16. What is one thing you love about your hometown?

League City is a great town: the people, community and lots of fishing spots.

Stats from 2020-21 season:

64 tackles, 15 tackles for loss, five sacks, one fumble recovery, and six hurries

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