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A 4-star talent from Georgia, Jaron Willis has been on the radar of scouts and recruiters for a while.

As even a casual fan can notice from his Hudl reel, he is a tough-minded and talented player. At 6-foot-2 and 210 pounds, Willis is ranked among the top 150 prospects in the country for 2022, according to the 247Sports Composite rankings.

Willis currently holds more than a dozen offers. We caught up with him to talk about the recruiting process and much more.

The Interview

Ben: I would like to begin by offering congratulations on receiving a Kentucky offer recently. Besides Kentucky, what are some other major offers you have received?

Jaron: Georgia Tech, LSU, Florida State, Ole Miss, Florida, and South Carolina have all offered. Many more have, too.

Ben: That is certainly quite the list and several SEC rivals. Your offer sheet, Hudl film, and star ranking make it very clear that you are a blue-chip recruit. While I know it is still early in the process, are there any schools that have an early lead?

Jaron: Yes, sir. Georgia Tech, Florida, and Florida State.

Ben: (laughing): Covering Kentucky, I will try to not hold that against you. Do you still plan to take all five official visits?

Jaron: Yes, sir. I am planning to take all of my visits before I make a decision.

Ben: I will certainly be cheering for you as both a player and student, regardless of where you attend school. I do know you have been in contact with (Kentucky inside linebackers c)oach (Jon) Sumrall. What are your impressions of him and the UK program?

Jaron: Coach S seems like a laid-back type of coach, who loves hanging with his family. I am looking forward to getting to know him more.

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Ben: You can believe that I’ll definitely be following your recruitment. Growing up or even now, I am sure you have had many people inspire you and/or support you. I want to take this opportunity to allow you to shine a bit of a spotlight on those that you may like to thank.

Jaron: Oh yeah. First off, I would love to thank God for giving me the talent to play the game I love. Without him, these opportunities and offers would not happen. I would love to thank my mom and dad, grandpa and grandma for raising me right and believing in me and I would thank my family for the support and the coaches of Lee County High School. And I’ll also love to thank my angels above watching over me and last, but not least, I love to thank my best friend Michaela Hudson for being there, thick and thin. Fun fact — UK is her dream school.

Ben: An incredible answer that shows you are a blessed young man and you know so. I know it is getting late, so let’s do a couple more questions. Favorite team?

Jaron: The Atlanta Falcons.

Ben: My daughter will be hyped. She is a Falcons die-hard.

Jaron: Same here.

Ben: Crush? Should I assume Michaela (laughing)?

Jaron: (Laughing) Naw. That is just my best friend. I am more focusing on my career, right now. She’s solid and sticks by my side.

Ben: Great Answer. I did not want to get you in any trouble, there.

The Wrap-up

Ben: I want to take a moment to thank you for the interview and wish you the best on your recruitment, season, and in the classroom. Let’s hope we have a season this fall. I cannot wait to see you add that fifth star.

Jaron: Yes Sir. I think that we will. This country needs it right now.