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Selah Brown is a local standout and one of the top prospects in the commonwealth of Kentucky.

Hailing as a metro name, Brown is the top defensive line recruit in the state. The 4-star for 2022 holds offers already from Louisville, Tennessee, Purdue, West Virginia, Missouri and Kentucky. We were able to ask Brown a few questions about his game, recruitment, and the upcoming season.

Question 1: What are you looking for in a college coach?

A: I’m usually really big on family. I want to feel welcomed by a coach and his staff and feel like a brotherhood inside a program as well as a coach caring about me.

Question 2: What is your dream scenario to play in college? An end? Nose tackle? Or a regular defensive tackle? And in a 3-4, 4-3, 4-2-5 defense, what is your ideal scheme and spot?

A: Honestly, I feel like I can be a threat inside and outside on the edge. I want to make colleges guess where I will be in their film room on game week. And I prefer a 4-2-5 as my high school runs right now, but I’m able to adjust to any defense.

Question 3: What academic field are you planning to partake in on the college level?

A: More than likely, physics. I want to be work in the medical field and be a physical therapist or sports exercise trainer.

Question 4: Is academics your main choice in what university you choose or will it just be a large piece of the puzzle?

A: I want to go to a university that succeeds in what academic field I want to draw myself to, so it plays a large part.

Question 5: Whenever you choose a school, will you try to be an active recruiter for fellow top-tier talents?

A: I wouldn’t really say a recruiter, but I’d most definitely hook whoever is interested in the school I commit to up with the right people to join the program and be great.

Question 6: Do you think the 2022 crop of state football talent could be one of the best in recent memory?

A: I think 2022 in the state of Kentucky is something special, especially with the amount of (Division) I talent across the board that we have right now as rising juniors. By the time we graduate, we will be the best class to come out of the state.

Question 7: Are there any players from in-state that you would like to join you at whatever school you choose?

A: Honestly, I would love to play with another true defensive player, so probably my own teammate Elijah Manning or some other defensive stud out in the state.

Question 8: Are you hoping to attend a school closer to home or will you want to go to a school further away to see new places?

A: Honestly, it would be a huge benefit for my family to play closer to home. But going out somewhere far wouldn’t be a problem for me, as I continue seek the world as a young adult.

Question 9: Are there any schools standing out to you even this early in your recruitment?

A: As of right now, probably Tennessee, Louisville and Purdue. All preach similar family things.

Question 10: How are you developing your game and partaking in the recruiting process during the pandemic? How do you manage with Jefferson County Public Schools seeming to be going virtual for the start of the year?

A: I’m always outside running and by us having practice three days a week. That really helps tag along the work I already do alone by myself. I’m building more upper-body muscle as well as staying fit. I usually do cone drills to work on great angles to take in pursuit of the quarterback.

Question 11: During your last camp, what did you feel was the most important thing you took away — whether it was something you improved on or something you feel you could work on more?

A: I feel like my energy is always up and I tend to burst when doing drills, because that’s just my nature. I will most definitely work on my speed to get a faster 40(-yard dash) time. But overall, I can improve on a lot of things everyday, because who doesn’t want to get better everyday, ya know?

We’d like to thank Selah Brown for allowing us to ask him a few questions about his recruitment as well as compliment him on a great work ethic. We can’t wait to see him play on Saturdays.