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A sophomore at Eaglecrest High School in Centennial, Colorado, tackle Braden Miller has been receiving a lot of interest lately from Power 5 schools. At 6-foot-5 and 235 pounds, Miller has been shutting down opposing defenses from reaching his quarterback like there is no tomorrow.

He is looking forward to another great year as Eaglecrest tries to avenge its Class 5A quarterfinals loss to Ralston Valley. He is a dual-sport athlete and is ready to to see how his junior year goes in football and basketball.

Many expect big things. We caughtt up with Miller to ask him some football questions and some questions about himself.

Braden Miller (OT) 6-5 / 235 lbs. / Eaglecrest High School

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1. Heading into your junior year, what is your No. 1 goal?

My No. 1 goal is just to improve my overall game. I’m good, but I want to be great.

2. If you had to compare your style to a NFL/college offensive tackle, who would be the closest to your style?

I’ve never really thought about comparing myself.

3. What major/degree are you hoping to purse in college?

I’m not totally sure at the moment. I have some ideas, but I’m not certain.

4. Favorite football memory?

I’d say beating Grandview in (overtime) in the playoffs of last year.

5. How many offers do you have to play college ball (all levels)? List your first-ever offer and your latest offer? Also, which Division I school offer surprised you the most?

I have eight DI offers. My first was from Colorado State, and my latest was from Colorado. Nebraska was the most surprising because my whole life I’ve admired the winning history of Nebraska football.

6. Would you be willing to change positions if a coach asked you?

I would be willing to.

7. Do you plan on enrolling early when it is time to attend college?

I do not. I want to stay in high school through to play basketball and finish out my senior year.

8. What is a fact about you that most do not know?

I hated football for the longest. But, once I got to high school, something clicked and I began to love it.

9. Who was your role model growing up?

My mom.

10. What is your favorite drill to do in practice?

I like doing pass rush 1-on-1s the most.

11. What is your favorite meal?

Pulled pork.

12. What are some of your hobbies besides football?

I play basketball, work out and play video games.

13. Favorite movie?

Space Jam.

14. What is one thing you love about your hometown?

The view. Whenever I look west, I can see the mountains.

15. Favorite place for vacation?

I haven’t been very many places, but out of the places I’ve been, I’d say Florida.

16. Do your parents care where you go to school, meaning do they mind you being far from home to achieve your dream?

My parents are supportive of whatever school I decide on. They want what’s best for me, whether it’s far or close.


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Moore has received offers from Arizona State, Colorado, Colorado State, Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State, Michigan State, and Nebraska.