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A sophomore at West Port High School in Ocala, Florida, Jaydon Hodge has big-time football plans in his near future. At 6-foot-0 and 165 pounds, Hodge already has Power 5 offers from Arizona and Michigan State.

As his career carries on, the expectation is that more will come for this 3-star safety from Florida. He is currently ranked the 24th-best safety in the nation for the class of 2022, according to the 247Sports Compsosite rankings.

We caught up with Hodge to talk football and much more before he starts spring football in the sunshine state:

Jaydon Hodge (SS/FS) 6-0 / 165 lbs. / West Port High School

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Q&A Fun

1. What is your favorite meal?

My favorite meal is Chipotle’s Burrito Bowl. I get extra white rice, chicken, corn, extra cheese and some guacamole. I also add a side of chips every now and then.

2. Would you be willing to change positions if a coach asked you?

Oh yeah, most definitely. When you’re an athlete, there are no limitations on what position or sports you play.

3. If you had to compare your style to a NFL/college safety, who would be the closest to your style?

Without a doubt, DeShon Elliott (Baltimore Ravens). He’s a very versatile safety. He can cover and fit in the run game very well.

4. What is your favorite thing to do besides football?

Play basketball and bond/hang out with my teammates.

5. What major/degree are you hoping to purse in college?

Man, I’ve been thinking about three majors lately. Psychology, political science and sports administration/management.

6. Are you willing to go to any FBS program?

Most definitely. Any school that gives me an opportunity to play at the next level and further my education, I’m willing to go there.

7. What schools have you visited and thought about playing at?

So far, I’ve only visited the University of Miami and the Alabama State University. I’ve had more visits in line, but due to COVID-19, all of them were canceled.

8. Have you been offered any preferred walk-on offers?

No, only full rides as of now.

9. How many offers do you have to play college ball (all levels)? List your 1st ever offer and your latest offer? Also which (Division I) school offer surprised you the most?

As of now I have four offers. My first coming from the University of Arizona and my latest coming from the Michigan State University. The school that surprised me the most had to be Michigan State. It caught me off guard.

10. What is your favorite football memory?

I will always remember this memory. It was 2016 when I played for the Junior Wolf Pack. We were playing the Junior Knights and we were both undefeated. The score was 14-7, we were up and the Knights were at their goal line about to score to try to tie the game up. It was 4th-and-goal in fourth quarter with about 30 seconds left in the game.

I remember looking to the sideline at Coach Cowan before the ball snapped and he said “Hodge, we need you now!” I turned back and looked at the quarterback. He snapped the ball and I was coming off the edge getting past the block and I sacked the quarterback for a turnover on downs. I will always remember that play, because it was the game-winning sack.

11. What is your favorite place to visit for vacation?

My favorite place to visit for vacation is Miami, Florida.

12. Do you think a hot dog is a sandwich?

Anything that has bread on the top and the bottom is a sandwich. So since a hot dog has the bread on the side, I’m going to say a hot dog isn’t a sandwich.

13. Do you have any ridiculous goals in life?

Just to live life to the fullest.

14. Leg workout or arm workout?

Arm workout all the way. But to get better and stronger, we must make it a priority to do both.

15. What is a fact about you that most do not know about you?

I’m double-jointed and flexible.

16. Where are you currently living?

The horse capital of the world — Ocala, Florida.

17. What is your favorite celebration after a sack, interception, or pass breakup?

I really don’t celebrate that much, but when I do, I like the ole jumping up with my teammates or the George Kittle Cero Miedo (Zero Fear) celebration.

18. Do your parents care where you go to school, meaning do they mind you being far from home to achieve your dream?

They have mixed emotions sometimes, but we’ve talked about it before and they seem like they’re fine with me going anywhere to further my education.

19. Why did you pick (jersey) No. 15?

I picked No. 15, because according to the Bible, the No. 15 is considered to be a symbol of rest. I take that symbolism of rest and applying it as being a humble football player. Not only does the Bible say the No. 15 symbolizes rest, but also it is a symbol of restoration, healing, and deliverance.

20. 247Sports just bumped you up to a 3-star; obviously, stars don’t mean talent in some people’s eyes, but what does that mean to you see yourself as a 3-star?

First, I want to give all praise to the most high, because I do it for his glory. But seeing myself to be rated a 3-star is a true blessing. Not only being rated a 3-star, but also being ranked the 24th-best safety in the nation for the class of 2022 and a top 50 player in Florida is unimaginable. I’m so blessed.


More information about Jaydon Hodge

Twitter: @_hodgesauce_


Hodge has four current offers from Arizona, Hawaii, Michigan State, and Alabama State. He had a scheduled visit with Michigan State, but it was cancelled due to the virus.

More Numbers

40-Yard Dash: 4.6 seconds

Deadlift: 365 lbs.

Bench Press: 185 lbs.

Squat: 315 lbs.

Clean Jerk: 210 lbs.