Before things are misconstrued as a personal or private conversation, know that this isn’t first-hand information. These are nuggets of insight from some of my sources.

The Meeting

The Head Coach of Deerfield Beach, Jevon Glenn, and FSU coaches – Dugans, Telly and Norvell – met to discuss the potential of some players. The most notable of these is Jaylan “Rooster” Knighton. While Rooster was eager to meet with Norvell and hear his pitch, the back has a very deep bond with current coach and primary recruiter Donte Pimpleton. While Coach Pimp’s future is not guaranteed, we’ll be watching to see which coaches will be retained from the previous staff. For example, Keeping Odell certainly helps with easing the transition with the current roster. Rooster’s camp is intrigued and wants to hear more from Norvell.

While delivering his pitch, Norvell connected Knighton with current young backs at Memphis and hear how they were used and developed. Norvell’s tenure at Memphis gave solid proof that he doesn’t just play whoever’s got seniority, but uses the best players. Leading Rusher Kenny Gainwell, who gained almost 2000 all-purpose yards, is just a redshirt freshman. His backup, true freshman Kylan Watkins, ran for over 300 yards.

Another Note

While in town, the staff connected with 3* WR and Maryland commit Deajaun McDougle. McDougle is a 5-10 receiver who operates well in space. 24/7 has him listed as a hard commit to Maryland, but it never hurts to check. McDougle also claims offers from most every other FBS program with a pulse. I’m certain Norvell noticed similarities to current Memphis receiver Calvin Austin, who averaged 19.7 ypc this past season.

The Upshot

Here’s my honest belief. There is always a chance to get a kid until he signs the LOI. While I believe Rooster is solid in his commitment to Miami, there is still an opportunity to get him back. At this point, I’d put this at even odds. A lot depends on how Norvell chooses to pursue him and who he picks as his RB coach. If Knighton decides to not become an Early Enrollee, there’s a good chance we steal him back. There’s an even better chance that we steal him and potentially have him enroll early if Pimp is retained. As with anything – “Time is of the essence and time will tell everything.” ~ J.A. Coleman II