Recruiting Analysis of the 247 Top 100

by | Oct 1, 2019 | Fifth Quarter, Football, Recruiting, Sports


According to 247, 79% of the Top 100 Prospects are committed to a school. While there will likely be some switching around in that 79%, that only leaves 21 players left to commit. The advent of the early signing period has changed the game – most elite programs will have the great majority of their class signed by Christmas. So let’s take a deeper look into the Top 100 recruits.


247 Top 100 Analytics


Committed Players: 79

Uncommitted Players: 21

SEC Commits: 35

ACC Commits: 13

Clemson or South Carolina Commits: 12

Clemson/FSU/Miami Commits: 13

Big 10 Commits: 11

tOSU Commits: 8

Analysis and Conclusions

The Top Tier:

For the past couple of years, Clemson has been living in the 7-10 range in recruiting, and has been making the most of that talent. This year, though, they’ve got the pick of the litter. We’ll see if they continue to maximize their talent, as they far outpace the rest of the ACC. LSU is unsurprising if you’ve been following 2020 recruiting. If you’re just dipping your toes in now, though, their transition to the spread has enabled them to get verbals from several top skill players, and their fast start has done nothing but cement their class. Alabama is Alabama, and continues to get top-tier talent every year. Rinse and repeat for Ohio State.

The Contenders:

Texas, Georgia, and Auburn have consistently been among the top schools for the last few years, but have yet to see the fruits of that recruiting. Georgia is a little less so than the other two, but has nothing to show (yet) for their recruiting. Auburn has the unpleasant obstacle of Alabama that looms every Thanksgiving. Oklahoma stands in Texas’ way in the Big 12 and has poised itself as the team to beat. I wonder just how long Texas, Georgia, and Auburn can stay hot on the recruiting trail if they can’t get past Oklahoma and Alabama.

The Interesting Cases:

Notre Dame is an interesting team – they’ve been up and down the past few years, but their schedule is always one of the toughest in the nation. If they want to be a consistent playoff team, they absolutely have to have the athletes at a Top 10 level. And Florida State? 2018’s 5-7 Florida State? In the Top 10? The Seminoles are the most intriguing of all the teams in my book – can they hold on to their talent if they have another lackluster season? Can Willie Taggart turn the ship around in time? Consider our curiosity piqued. If the ‘Noles can manage a 7-5 record or better, count on them being in the Top 15-20 classes when all is said and done.