Bearskin Rug, Anyone?

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FSU-Maine Robbie Martin

Dang, these kids are good.

Now I’m not here to say that Maine is a lock for the NCAA Tournament and that FSU is the best ever…but I like what I see.

And what I saw was a combined no-hitter.

FSU had very few issues with the Maine Black Bears, sweeping them in a 4-game series. The closest game was the second game of the Saturday doubleheader – a game won in walkoff fashion by the ‘Noles.

Since FSU Baseball doesn’t have the following of football, or maybe even basketball, I plan to do wrap-ups in a more top-level fashion, looking at the series as a whole (including a mid-week game, if there is one). Baseball can be weird sometimes, and so I feel that drawing conclusions out of a singular game doesn’t always lead to good reporting. So, without further ado, some conclusions from this weekend’s tilts against the Black Bears.

View from the Press Box

  • FSU baseball had its way with Maine. Yes, it’s Maine, but you want to see your hitters being patient and working counts. I was especially impressed with Mike Salvatore – he worked several deep counts and paved the way for the rest of the lineup. Overall, our lineup has a 26/32 K/BB ratio. That’ll do.
  • Defense has plagued the ‘Noles in recent years, but this year’s team has a shot at being above average defensively. As the opponents get tougher, defense will be all the more important – the other team only gets 27 outs – don’t give them away.
  • Any time you throw a no-hitter, it’s a thing of beauty. Never overlook a no-hitter. I don’t care if it’s middle school. That’s special. Drew Parrish was in mid-season form, mixing his pitches and keeping hitters off-balance. We’ll have to see if this staff – especially Sundays and the bullpen – can support this team.

View from the Dugout

  • Robbie Martin is good. I mean…he’s real good. Now, yes, this could just be small sample size (SSS from here on out). But I’ll take a freshman with a .438/.444/.563 slash every day. His 9 RBI lead the club, and are as many RBI as our opponents have combined.
  • Nander de Sedas is a really nice piece. He has a good eye for the ball, walking 4 times in 16 plate appearances (.529 OBP), and is remarkably smooth at shortstop. I’m not ready to say that it’s Major League level defense, but it’s not far off.
  • JC Flowers hit a homer. To center field. And it wasn’t a cheapie. To quote Mike Martin, “Wow.” His defensive play in the 9th was instrumental in keeping the no-hitter alive. If his bat has come alive, he’ll be a scourge on the basepaths to go along with really good defense.
  • One more. Elijah Cabell. This kid’s bat needs to come around, because he’s fast. In game 1, he stole second, and it wasn’t particularly close. There was one out and a right-handed batter at the plate. Everyone in the stadium knew he was stealing third. He stole third. Also wasn’t close.

What’s Next for the ‘Noles

I’m writing this piece late, so we’ve already postponed the game against Jacksonville. Next up is the Youngstown State Penguins in a 3-game set, with another Saturday double-header die to impending bad weather Sunday. The Penguins are coming off a 3-game sweep at the hands of Mississippi State. Go to the game. Have fun. Watch the offensive fireworks. No stress this weekend.

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