2019 FSU-Alabama State Game Info

  • Tallahassee, FL
  • 12:00 Eastern, ACCN Extra (Online Only)
  • No line via ESPN.
  • Last Game:

When FSU’s on Offense

I’m sorta at a loss here. Last week, I wrote that if we didn’t see Jordan Travis, we probably wouldn’t see him at all. Boy, was I right. Kudos to Cory. However, I think the opposite is true here – if you’re looking to use Travis throwing the ball at all against UF, you minimize his usage this week against Alabama State. Don’t @ me that we need to start him, his arm strength still leaves something to be desired.

Even by FCS standards, Alabama State is bad. There’s not advanced metrics at this point for the Hornets, so there’s nothing that I can tell you other than they’re not good. Which, to be fair, is about all you should need to know (mutters something about Samford under breath). Listen, if you’re coming to this game, you’re either coming for Odell’s sake, or because you want to see what the future looks like for FSU. Either way, you should stay until the end. Look for FSU to use all of its depth in its skill positions. Imagine a future with those players. Feel good about it – don’t think about what’s going on in the coaching search. Go over and sing the Hymn to the Garnet and Gold with the Chiefs. Enjoy the fact that we’ll be bowl-eligible.

When FSU’s on Defense

Take most of what I wrote about the offense and change it to the defense. Alabama State is not great through the air, and aren’t world-beaters on the ground. Look for FSU to use all its depth everywhere – from the line to the secondary. Go watch the future. Have fun.

Other Factors

Alabama State is an HBCU. If past experience is any indicator, this means that you should probably stay for the halftime show, too.

Score Predictions

John: 70-0 FSU. FCS teams are usually outmatched, but especially those in the SWAC. The size, speed and depth do not match up well.

Cory: 56-6 FSU. Everyone’s mad they don’t see Travis. But they’re happy over a big win and the fact that they’re bowling. Long live Odell Haggins.

Mike: 52-10 FSU. Saturday will provide reps aplenty across the board for FSU players. The Seminoles will get the win on Senior Day to become bowl-eligible for the 37th time in 38 years.