2019 FSU-ULM Game Info

  • Tallahassee, FL
  • 5:00 Eastern, ACC Network
  • FSU -21, O/U 63
  • Last Game:

When FSU’s on Offense

Well…it was better for a half. And what a half. I sat in the stands dumbfounded (in a good way). FSU looked explosive, strung together drives, and looked cohesive. The good news is that the performance gives us the 25th-ranked offense in the nation by SP+ (was S&P+, Bill Connelly had to change it due to “trademark” issues). Also good news is that ULM has the 103rd-ranked defense – Boise comes in 56th. So you’re looking at about half the defense we faced last week. If I do my math correctly, that means we should be able to do double the offense…so maybe both halves this time? Maybe? Math aside, we should be able to pick apart a team that lost 2 corners and a safety from last year’s squad.

The offensive line played how I expected, which is good. It wasn’t atrocious, and it wasn’t stellar. It was average to below-average. I’ll take that. That and Cam Akers/Khalan Laborn will go a long way. How do we change the passing attack, though? Can we not do 3 consecutive shot plays and punt?

When FSU’s on Defense

Unlike FSU’s offensive numbers, the defense’s rank isn’t so rosy, coming in at 84th. Say what you will, but I think FSU makes some decent adjustments after week one. Thankfully, ULM has the 65th-ranked offense (compared to Boise’s 31st), so we should get a chance to make stops and get off the field. We do have a few questions about this defense that make me quite uneasy – How do the linebackers react to the offense? How much zone do we play, and can we use it to end a drive? What looks do we use against the Warhawks? Can we stop the run? We might not find out everything, but we can get some educated guesses.

Other Factors

I loved seeing us taking fair catches outside the end zone. I also loved seeing a distinct lack of penalties in the Boise game. What I do want to see is less hero ball, more correct decisions.

Score Predictions

John: 52-28 FSU. Hydrated FSU, 5pm kick.

Cory: 55-13 FSU. FSU puts a coach in the box, allowing FSU to be more nimble on defense. Spread offense does what it’s supposed to, and ULM is forced to abandon the run early.

Mike: 48-17 FSU. The FSU offense rolls for two halves. The defense has a bounce back week against a lesser opponent and the Seminoles as a whole feel good about themselves heading into the ACC opener at Virginia.